July 24, 2021

Carrefour rewards the drive of Montesano and the innovation of Galletas Bandama – La Provincia

Carrefour rewards the drive of Montesano and the innovation of Galletas Bandama - La Provincia

Carrefour attaches its commitment to the Canary Islands. The French food chain subscribed yesterday an agreement with the regional government to increase in its stores the promotion of the products of the Islands. Fruit of it are the prizes

with which he distinguished two small island companies: the Grupo Montesano and Galletas Bandama

The first received the award for the 'Best Pyme of the Canary Islands' to Grupo Montesano and the second to the 'Most Innovative Company'. Both were chosen by vote of Carrefour customers who visited the online campaign 'El Sabor de lo Nuestro', in which 150 Canarian companies participated.

The aim of the Carrefour SME awards is to highlight the work of small and medium-sized regional and local agro-food companies, as well as that of agricultural and livestock cooperatives.

Grupo Montesano was born in the 50s looking to offer canaries the best selection of meat products. Equipped with the latest technologies and a trained human team, it now has a production center of 18,000 square meters in La Esperanza (Tenerife), refrigeration facilities in the main Canary ports, and distribution centers in Tenerife, La Palma, Las Palms of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. In addition, it puts into practice initiatives in the care and conservation of the environment, and also covers the specific needs of groups such as celiac and lactose intolerant.

For its part, Galletas Bandama, founded in 1958 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is dedicated from the beginning to the manufacture, storage, marketing and distribution of cookies that were made by hand. The company is committed to the sustainable economy and shows its investment in the installation of a photovoltaic plant on the deck of its ship; the replacement of all lighting by led; or the resistance changes in their furnaces for those of low consumption, among other measures.

Carrefour's business model integrates local and regional products in its usual assortment, to guarantee the freedom of choice of its customers, according to the company in a statement. The multinational company maintained a business relationship with 322 Canarian suppliers last year for a value that exceeded 49 million euros.


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