Carolina, the first Spanish baby, was born in Zaragoza just with the chimes

Carolina, the first Spanish baby, was born in Zaragoza just with the chimes

Carolina María Madrona Quispe has arrived to the world just with the chimes that marked the change of the year, at 00.00 o'clock sharp, with which this Zaragoza, second daughter of Jesus and Veronica, has become the first baby born in Spain in this 2019.

Her parents, with the little one, have received the press in the Maternity and Children's hospital room in the Aragonese capital where they rest after childbirth, which according to Verónica has been quick. "It has gone very well and without complications," he explained.

Veronica came out of accounts on December 28 and she suspected, she sensed "in some way", that the girl could make herself wait until the New Year, as her older sister, Valentina, 3 years old, who was also born in January, had been delayed. , in this case on the 12th, and who according to the proud father waits anxiously at home to meet the new member of the family.

Jesus and Veronica, 39 and 38 years old and residents of the Valdespartera neighborhood, a residential area of ​​Zaragoza with a high birth rate, left yesterday afternoon at home with the intention of spending New Year's Eve at his parents' house, but Carolina María had other plans. At about eight o'clock in the afternoon, Veronica began to feel bad and decided to go to the hospital.

In less than four hours the little girl was born, with the pleasant surprise of having become the first baby born in the country in this new year.

The new parents have nothing but words of thanks for the hospital team that has attended them, with an expectation that assures Jesus that Carolina María has had a "privileged" birth.

Carolina María, a pink baby who has weighed 3,760 kilos, has dark hair and tip and this morning had already eaten and had bathed, explained the mother of the little girl, for now, seems a quiet child.


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