Carolina Punset says she will resign from the act of MEP when Cs meets "some of her electoral commitments"

Carolina Punset says she will resign from the act of MEP when Cs meets "some of her electoral commitments"

MEP Carolina Punset, who has made public a letter this Saturday in which she communicates that she abandons Citizens for having become "the white brand of the PP", has said that the act will return it when this party "begins to fulfill some of its commitments elections ".

"I am no longer a Citizen," Punset confirmed in an interview on TV3, collected by Europa Press, where he said that now his idea is to rejoin civil life and leave politics "unless something very interesting comes up."

And the minutes in the European Parliament "I will return when they begin to fulfill some of their electoral commitments," he added.

According to detailed, it has cost him to make the decision to unsubscribe as a militant, but he was considering it for more than a year as a result of the political "jerks" he has seen in the game, which he believes has gone righting.

Punset recalled that, in its beginnings, Cs was born in Catalonia to occupy the space of the "non-nationalist left center", but then attended the European elections in 2009 along with the Libertas ultraconservative formation and in recent years it has gone from signing a Government agreement with Pedro Sánchez to support the investiture of Mariano Rajoy.


The MEP has indicated that she has waited until the last minute for "a change that has not occurred" and in the meantime she has preferred to maintain a "low profile" because it seemed "more respectful" than criticizing Citizens publicly.

But in the end "we delve into this absolutely ultraliberal, ultraespañolist, identity, sexist and retrograde drift in the field of environmentalism", so "it's over", added Punset, who in the interview was accompanied by her husband, the deputy the Cortes Valencianas and exmilitante of Cs Alexis Marí.

Punset has been especially critical of the use of a "staunch Spanish nationalism" to "fight against Catalan nationalism", and has expressed his rejection of the act of the Spain Citizen platform, full of flags of Spain, in which Marta Sánchez sang the National anthem.

"It is not the Cs that I joined," he concluded, describing it as a party that in its beginnings claimed "civil patriotism" instead of dedicating itself to "confronting territorial identities".

SPEAKING WITH THE POLITICAL ADVERSARIES Neither supports the position of CS in Catalonia to "stick sticks," apply Article 155 of the Constitution and "put people in jail," and has warned that "polarize the situation" or remove yellow ties in the street it does not solve anything.

The first thing that should be done, in his view, is "sit down to listen to political opponents and not criminalize whoever does it".

In this context, Punset has defended the meeting that she and Marí had recently in Brussels with former President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont and that, according to Cs, is what has motivated the opening of an expulsion file to the MEP for having used in its displacement an official car of the European Parliament.

That meeting has been the "excuse" of Citizens to start the expulsion file, "" has been the tantrum they have had as a result of my visit to TV3 "and" the publication of my letter, "he assured, convinced that "They were willing to open it a long time ago."

As for the meeting with Puigdemont, he said that he felt "intellectual curiosity" to talk to him in the first person, something that does not seem a "crime", and that the appointment was "cordial", although politically they are "in the antipodes throughout".

The orange opposition to that meeting is "another example of the lack of democracy and tolerance", according to the MEP, who also reported that following this issue she learned that the party had access to her email address. the Eurocámara.


Punset, who before going to Brussels was spokesman of Cs in the Valencian Cortes, has affirmed that "something happens" in this party when "more than 400 public positions" have left it in all Spain.

He also indicated that the primaries really "do not exist", because "if you're not a damn palm, you do not go on the electoral lists, that Ciudadanos is built" with the debris of the PP "and that they make their decisions based on the electoral surveys.


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