July 25, 2021

Carolina Marín, against gender violence in adolescents

Carolina Marín, against gender violence in adolescents

Sexist violence not only manifests itself with physical aggression, also through control and domination, even over the internet, something that teenagers are not very aware of: to raise awareness among young people against gender violence, the campaign is born. # AmorNOesControl Informa antena3noticias.com

The ONCE Foundation, the Legálitas Foundation and the Young Sports Foundation have launched this initiative today to help the youngest population to identify criminal behavior related to gender-based violence in the network, so that they have the resources to recognize them, not allow them and denounce them.

#AmorNOesControl affects the core message that relationships are based on love, equality and respect, not on the power of one over the other.

And insists that gender violence does not only take place when there is physical violence, also when there are situations of inequality, domination and control of the partner or ex-partner, even in the online world.

Through a video that will be distributed through the social networks of the foundations and a web page with information and resources (www.amornoescontrol.com), illegal behaviors of these domination and violence are exemplified.

This is the case of control of chats and social networks, of supplanting the online personality, of spreading intimate videos ("sexting") or of blackmailing the partner or ex-partner under the threat of publishing intimate content ("sextorsión").

"This is not love, it is gender violence and it is a crime", "I do not control people, I respect people" and "love is not control" are some of the phrases that appear in the video.

From the campaign they alert the youngest ones that these behaviors can not only constitute a crime, but they are signs of the "prelude to something more serious".

"A large majority of young people understand only physical violence as gender-based violence, but it is important to know that physical aggression does not need to occur in order for there to be a crime encompassed in the conduct of gender-based violence," they explain. the foundations.


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