Carolina During: Carolina Durante: "Fans of 'Operación Triunfo' wish our death" | Culture

Carolina During: Carolina Durante: "Fans of 'Operación Triunfo' wish our death" | Culture

Carolina During I had not wanted to know anything about Triumph operation, perhaps because of prejudices, maybe because they were simply wrapped up in a maelstrom of successes that did not let them see further, but the Amaia phenomenon He was already gestating around him. And how does it look like this girl does not leave anyone without conquering with his personality, he managed to reach a bastion that was still alien to her. "I did not follow her on Instagram, we had never heard her sing and suddenly ... we see her there, in a story, as natural as she is, singing our song Titular anthem", Remembers Diego Ibáñez (Madrid, 1996), vocalist of the group. Four months later, the band premieres, together with the extriunfita, Sorry (now yes, yes), a subject that they call the amaiazo due to the success and commotion that has formed around this collaboration, since the singer he had not taken anything since he left the academy.

After listening to her sing on this social network, the group decided to meet her in Madrid to meet her. "I was not very convinced with the idea, but when I heard her singing, I got goosebumps," explains Mario del Valle (Madrid, 1996), on guitar. Between drinks, the conversation flowed as if they had known each other all their lives. Out of nowhere, a proposal emerged "all over the face": "Hey, what if we do something together?", He snapped without thinking Ibanez. Amaia answered with a resounding yes. And what emerged as a joke under the drunkenness of the night, now makes sense with this song that in less than 24 hours was placed among the most heard in the lists of streaming

Not everything was a path of roses. According to the band, many followers of OT they were thrown over them because, furthermore, it was rumored that Diego Ibáñez had interposed in the relationship between Amaia and Alfred, his partner inside and outside the contest and with which the singer has recently broken. "You want to take advantage of it", "you are bad influences", "sons of bitches", are some of the insults Amaia fans gave to the group on social networks. "The fans of Triumph operation they are very haters. I have come to wish death, "adds the singer. And that same hatred that awoke this collaboration they have wanted to reflect in the video, in which the author of the song, Marcelo Criminal, accuses the band of plagiarism and obsessed with the singer.

Always with irony and humor very present, the group has known how to laugh at everything and everyone. They were noted in the wake of the song Cayetano, in which, in the style of the movie Selfie, the group scoffed at all a generation of young people, pija, voter of Citizens and followers of Stool. "We have many friends like that, we know what we're talking about," says Martín Vallhonrat (Madrid, 1992), the bassist. By of the group led by Willy Bárcenas They did not receive feedback direct, although they did get the fact that the son of the PP treasurer said not to be represented in the song. However, according to Ibáñez, Cayetano not only has it not bothered the people they criticize, but "it has become a sort of soundtrack for their lives and they wear it with pride".

With only eight songs on the market, Carolina Durante has managed to position itself as one of the most promising bands in the national music market and has already toured festivals such as the FIB, BBK, Sonorama or Mad Cool. "We have gone from being spectators in festivals, to being the groups in poster. It's crazy, it's the strongest change we notice, "confesses Vallhonrat. "That and being able to take a picture with Kevin Shields. I can die peacefully, "says Del Valle.

Groups like The planets or The Nikis They have already succumbed to them, recognizing their talent and even helping them to have more visibility. Some have already compared them with the authors of the mythical The Empire Strikes Back, but to them it does not stop surprising him. "We do not think we have much to do, but they are a reference for us, so we are very excited," says the bassist. The leader, on the other hand, believes that the Nikis should think that they are "cheesy" compared to them. "I'm too intense, a romantic," the singer explains.

They are a group of friends who only want to have fun and are clear that they are reaching unimaginable goals after that day at the end of a concert in the Sala Ocho y Medio in Madrid, which, again under the cloak of intoxication the night, they decided that they would ride a band. Since that afternoon almost two years have passed: "We can go to hell, but what we have lived is not taken away from us".


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