Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Carola García says goodbye to Espanyol Femenino

Carola García dice adiós al Espanyol Femenino

This Wednesday it has been announced that Carola García and the Spanish they have reached an agreement for the termination of the midfielder's contract. Carola had been in the blue and white women for two and a half years and had been losing prominence in the field over time. Although always was one of the most involved with the club.

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The 23-year-old Sabadell player had been thinking about her situation in the Perica entity for some time and, finally, citing personal reasons, decided to communicate her decision to Espanyol, who ended up accepting her farewell.

He leaves the club being "one more parakeet"

In the statement issued by the club, she wishes him "all the personal and professional successes and all the luck of the world" and also thank him for his "involvement in the different initiatives in which he has always been willing to collaborate".

Also, in the letter that she has posted on their social networks, she thanked the workers, managers and media of the club for their "professionalism and affection"; to her companions, "for the experiences and the good times", and also to the fans, who will never forget the "unconditional support and the parakeet feeling". He leaves Espanyol being "one more parakeet".

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