March 1, 2021

Carol Channing, Broadway star, dies at 97 | Culture

Carol Channing, Broadway star, dies at 97 | Culture

Broadway diva Carol Channing, known for her roles on the boards in Hello, Dolly! or Gentlemen prefer blondes, died today, at 97, confirmed his agent, Harlan Boll. The actress died of natural causes, at her home in Rancho Mirage, California, after suffering several heart attacks over the past year.

Despite seven decades of career, the star with bright eyes and rough voice never managed to separate his image from his two main roles: Dolly Levi, who took over 5,000 times, in three different productions on Broadway, according to The Guardian, and it led him to win a Tony award; and that of Lorelei Lee in the work of Anita Loos, a role that also made Marilyn Monroe famous in the cinema. Unlike many other interpreters, Channing did not mind being associated with two of his many works. "The audience waits and asks to sing these songs," he said, referring to the well-known themes Diamonds are the best friends of a girl Y Hello, Dolly! "I'm very lucky to be so thoroughly associated with both songs, I'm luckier than most, since I'm identified with two songs," he said.

Much less liked that Barbra Streisand played Dolly Levi at the movies. "It's like someone has kidnapped my baby," he said then.

Channing was nominated for an Oscar in 1968 for Millie, a modern girl, for which he also won a Golden Globe.


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