March 7, 2021

Carnival lights up their cruises stopped by coronavirus to say “We’ll be back”

Carnival cruise company, which because of the coronavirus has its fleet stopped like other companies in the sector, is lighting its ships in the United States and Australia at night to say “We will return”.

In a statement, Carnival said it “is an inspirational message” for its employees, customers, travel agents and ports and port communities “at this time of unprecedented challenge.”

Every night Carnival ships moored in ports of these United Kingdom and Australia and those moored at sea at a visible distance from land will serve as a screen for a play of light, among which is the one that shows the words “We Will Come Back “(We will return).

It is an initiative aimed at raising spirits and remembering that cruises leave “wonderful memories of the holidays,” said Stefan Christoffersson, Carnival vice president for maintenance.

The project has been coordinated from Carnival’s headquarters in Miami and involves ships in ports on the western and eastern coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico in the United States and in Australia, as well as ships that are anchored at sea during the coronavirus crisis.

According to Christofferson, the message could be “written” about the ship simply by turning on the lights of some exterior staterooms on cruise ships and leaving those of others off.

The manager compared the task with the decoration of a Christmas tree, when one tests the lighting to obtain the desired result.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) They recommended in early March to Americans, especially those with health problems, to postpone their cruise travel, which has been a setback for a sector badly affected by the coronavirus.

Major companies operating in the U.S. they announced shortly after the suspension of its operations.

According to the latest annual report of the International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA), the largest organization in the sector, by 2020 it was expected that 32 million passengers would travel on cruises and that the fleet of the member companies of that association based in Washington This year they will reach 278 ships in operation, 19 more than in 2019.

The report released in December also indicated that in 2018 there were 1,177,000 jobs in the world that depended on cruises, which meant about 50,240 million dollars in wages, and that the economic activity generated by the sector amounted to 150,000 million of dollars in 2018.

In a recent report, the Bloomberg agency indicated that the three largest cruise operators have lost in less than two months more than half of their market value, which is equivalent to more than 42,000 million dollars.


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