Carmena's recipe to win the elections

Carmena's recipe to win the elections

Youth or veteran? Consultants, political scientists and experts in studying all the tricks that succeed in politics do not agree to answer what we choose when voting. Or, in fact, they do it to conclude that there is no exact formula to win and that everything depends on the circumstances. Both those that surround the politician and those that society is going through at that moment. "There were the Obama and then, look, Trump, the" anti-leader "came," says an expert. The last mishap of health of the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has made all the alarms jump. Her ankle fracture due to a fall at home forced her to undergo an operating room and an infection resulting from this surgery was complicated and forced her to receive 2019 from a hospital bed. He will not be able to walk in three months, which did not prevent him, for example, receiving yesterday the Three Kings of the East after the ride. But far from opting for discretion, his advisers made sure that the image of the mayor leaving the hospital in a wheelchair The Princess was the picture of the day: that fragility together with the strength of his attitude was, for political analysts, all a message in itself. He has already been discharged but his agenda, logically, will be reduced, thus reopening an old debate. Should age be limited in public office? What we choose unconsciously to put the vote in the box? Can old age be a political tool? The experts believe that yes, but in both senses, because it is already known that in politics (almost) anything goes. «That is the political battle: to play with the weaknesses and strengths of the other. Just as someone older can be reproached for their ailments, someone young can be attacked because of their inexperience or lack of knowledge, "says political analyst Diego Crescente. He believes that there should be no age limit if the politician can develop his position correctly. "Putting limitations on age discriminates against a good part of the electorate and goes against the nature of our demographic pyramid." Moreover, he argues that "it would be like discriminating against someone for having an illness". A point in which she agrees with the political scientist Verónica Fumanal: «Maternity and paternity also affect political life. Each vital state is accompanied by needs. Having the necessary cognitive abilities, I believe that age affects little. In the end it is a question of attitude: you can be more vital with 60 years than with 30 ». Another point in which the analysts agree is to point out that, in any case, it will always be the voters with their "last word" that reward or punish these issues.

In the case of Carmena, the truth is that her age has always peppered the political debate. It is used both to show a "kind grandmother" explaining on Instagram how she makes her famous homemade muffins, and to leave in the air her next candidacy for the Mayor's office for this one (age) as the only motive. One of the closest collaborators of José María Álvarez del Manzano used to say that the mayor's office of the capital is "the fourth ministry of Spain". And, he added, he demands "maximum preparation, total dedication and full energy". Perhaps this is why the concern in the environment of Carmena has skyrocketed. Although its closest try to remove drama from the subject, referring to "normal in a 74-year-old overactive person", other leaders close to Pablo Iglesias grow doubts about whether Carmena is in the most appropriate conditions to face a challenge of the dimension that involves trying to re-elect. If he wins, governs and runs out of his mandate, he will turn 78 in the Palacio de Cibeles. The truth is that Carmena had serious doubts before announcing last September his willingness to revalidate the position. His family weighed heavily on the decision. His closest friends advised him to definitely close this political stage in the first line: they are not favorable for him to continue. Precisely they have insisted on the level of personal demand (physical, too) that brings a second term in a city like Madrid: a diabolical arithmetic that will force laborious pacts; the intense local, national and international agenda inherent to the position; a candidacy, his, split in two and in permanent civil war between the different groups that have amalgamated Now Madrid; and some opponents in fullness, with the favorite in the polls, Begoña Villacís (Cs), in the lead. Carmena has already begun to "chew" this reflection after the first "incident" with her health. It was in June 2016, during a trip to Bolivia. The mayor began to feel bad on the plane back to Spain and had to be admitted immediately after landing at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital with a picture of dehydration and hypotension. Some voices then asked themselves if they should not delegate to their collaborators some of these intercontinental trips that force them to sit for endless hours on board an airplane. But Carmena recovered and, after a few weeks of "light" activity, the debate stopped. But only for four months.

The second incident came while presiding over the City Council Plenary in October. She began to see blurry and was forced to call the medical services. All the alarms went off in Cibeles but, fortunately, it was ruled out immediately that he suffered a stroke. The mishap was endorsed to the "must" of his chronic problems of "hypotension." And the debate between theirs surfaced again. Already, according to some sources, he began to meditate on his retirement at the end of this first term. Time passed Carmena continued with an agenda that gives little room for recovery and with very few hours of sleep. In addition, day by day, in itself complicated, as the first mayor of the City of Spain's capital, Carmen has added betrayals, disloyalities and conspiracies in their own ranks. What has caused many personal and political dislikes. So, the third incident came last September. The Samur had to go to the house of the councilor. He had fallen after tripping over a cable. The medical part: mild cranial trauma and a large gap in the left eyebrow. Naturally, the red lights went on again. On that occasion, however, it was commented that the warning to 112 was not a stumble but, in fact, the fall would have been motivated by a fading. Another dizziness Many interpreted then that that sweetened version hid behind more worrisome reasons. Did they fear that their ailments were used to discredit their candidacy? Now, with this new misstep, it seems that the message pretends to be different and its advisors would have decided to take advantage of it. And that, according to Fumanal, in advertising it is studied that "the new" is a value in itself and youth attracts the electorate. "When subjected to scrutiny, being young is always a positive attribute but everything depends on the political character you want to build: Carmena was not young but it was a new experiment." His triumph in 2015 was explained, in part, because "there are times when society is more inclined to try changes because of the structure's own wear and tear and it happened when Podemos broke in". She was not young but managed to govern despite the fact that Spain does not reward the experience excessively. "In Europe and the rest of the world, the political race forces them to grow from the base. Age is associated with the ability to manage and nobody would understand that someone would come to a presidency from scratch, "explains political scientist Pablo Simón, who points out that this is not the case in Spain. "We are a democracy with a few years of life and countries with younger presidents (Rajoy was almost an exception). The trend towards parliamentary aging was broken in 2014. Now there has been a logical rejuvenation with the entry of new parties ». Age, therefore, can be a double-edged sword. Crecente recalls that in a debate, an aggressive attitude of a young person towards a greater one can be interpreted as a lack of respect. "In the same way, a veteran can attack inexperience. In the end, although that feeling of weakness of an old man provokes tenderness, our subconscious acquires firmness, hardness. If Carmena has been or not to the height we will see it in the urns ».


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