Carmena says that the ediles that abandon the primaries are "continuation of the project"

Carmena says that the ediles that abandon the primaries are "continuation of the project"

The mayoress of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, described today as a "very special decision" the withdrawal of the Podemos primaries from the spokesperson of the municipal government, Rita Maestre, and five other councilors of the party, and of those who said that "they are part of the continuation of the project. "

"The truth is that this is a very special decision of these councilors, who are also great, are very good councilors to whom I value a lot," Carmena told Spanish media in Berlin.

Maestre and the councilors José Manuel Calvo, Jorge García Castaño, Paco Pérez, Esther Gómez and Marta Gómez Lahoz finally decided to abandon the primary process opened in the capital, with which Podemos plans to join the candidacy of the exjueza to revalidate the Mayor's Office, Efe sources confirmed that party in Madrid.

"They, with the political group to which they belong, with their political party have had I think that disagreements in the way of understanding the primaries by Podemos and have made this decision," said the mayor.

"I leave that in their hands, whatever decision they make, whether it be one or another, because I will value it because I value them, that is, they are very important councilors who have performed their work very well and with I feel very comfortable, "he said.

"I think they are part of the continuation of the project," said Carmena, adding that "in the meantime the platform is taking its steps, and I believe that within a week or two it will be presented," he said, referring to the formula which will seek to repeat in office.

"The idea is that it is a platform that is not of political parties, that yes is of course with affiliations to the political parties but not an agreement between parties so that we do not have to walk with these things, that I believe that they are not positive, of the quotas and let's say of the internal agreements of parties ", he added.

On the citizen platform, the mayor of Madrid said that it will be made up of "people who are in their professions and who are willing at a certain moment to spend four or five years in politics doing solidarity work that I believe is the right thing to do".

Carmena is in Berlin, where she is participating in a forum together with the mayors of Berlin, Michael Müller, and London, Sadiq Khan, on the "challenges of the European metropolises in times of growing right populism, brexit, migration and integration".


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