Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Carmena puts herself in profile in the controversy over the screening of Bárcenas's papers

Carmena se pone de perfil en la polémica por la proyección de los papeles de Bárcenas

The town hall of Manuela Carmena he washes his hands and ensures that "It has nothing to do with it" with the
projection of the 'Papers of Bárcenas
'In the House of the Bakery this Saturday and that the sanction of the Central Electoral Board will be for Podemos.

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"If the Central Election Board understands that it is necessary to impose a fine or it is necessary to make some kind of action, it will be against the people who have made that projection", has qualified the first deputy mayor, Marta Higueras.

Higueras' has not been the only voice that has manifested in the same direction. I suppose that we can in this case abide by the decision of the Electoral Board ", said the also delegate Equity, Social Rights and Employment in an act for the International Day of the Gypsy People.

Marta Higueras has insisted to journalists' questions that article 3 of the Foreign Publicity ordinance "prevents the City Council from entering into the content of these acts", which is added to "some sentence" that has already condemned the Consistory by enter the content.

"We can not enter the content, so we authorize the acts but we can not enter, we do not know what is going to be projected," he assured. The Consistory will "learn from this" by initiating a reflection on emblematic spaces in the line of not allowing them more than acts and institutional publicity.

Higueras recalled that so far have been given authorizations to political parties without any problem, as received by Citizens two weeks ago in the Plaza de la Villa, the Vox past or the Podemos this Saturday. "The reflection is whether these emblematic places are the appropriate place for this type of event. I suppose we are going to preserve them so that there is only institutional advertising or institutional acts, "he reiterated.

Regarding the appeal presented by the PP to the Central Electoral Board, the first deputy mayor has indicated that it should address "against the people who have done that advertising."

"The City Council has only authorized one act, as we authorize all acts of political parties because we can not enter the contents. It is prohibited by our Foreign Publicity ordinance in article 3 and some sentences ", he declared.

From the City Council they knew who hired, "that was Podemos", but "not the content, as lots of acts of all parties are authorized". "We do not make distinction by ideology. We have not talked to Podemos and if the Electoral Board decides what to decide, I suppose they will abide (in Podemos) what they have to comply with. I guess I pay the fine and that's it, "he finished.

"The City Council has only authorized an act, as we authorize all acts of political parties because we can not enter the contents"

The Secretary of Organization of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, has assured this Monday that the formation asked for "all the permits" to project on Saturday in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid a video about the "Bárcenas papers", although he has avoided specifying if he obtained a affirmative answer.

"I do not know all the administrative details," Echenique has responded to journalists who have asked him if the City Council had granted them those permits that he says the training purple asked "in a timely manner."

Echenique has said that the formation waits to know what the Electoral Board says about it but that it limited itself to projecting those images on the facade of a building so that "people do not forget what happened very recently".

Echenique does not clarify the application process, but defends the projection

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