Carmena launches More Madrid today, its platform for municipal elections

Carmena launches More Madrid today, its platform for municipal elections

The platform with which Manuela Carmena is presented to the municipal elections is called More Madrid and will start walking in the afternoon of today with the official launch of the candidacy website and the dissemination of a video of the mayor to 8:00 pm on Facebook Live.

According to Efe sources have informed the platform, the launch of the website will be preceded by a work meeting that will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Casa de Vacas, in the Retiro Park, and which is expected to attend the 150 people who have worked for the moment in the candidacy both in the districts and by themes.

The platform, as Ahora Madrid did in 2015, will be financed by microcredits and there are no reserved "quotas" for political parties: those who join will do so on a personal level.

The name finally chosen confirms that the instrumental party Now Madrid is diluted in 2019, and that the list with which the mayoress, More Madrid, is attended, will carry the same name as the one led by the exjueza in the primaries of the 2015 elections.

Sources of the platform have indicated to Efe that the intention is to build a "very American" campaign, taking as a reference those of former President Barack Obama, participatory and that reaches all people in Madrid through social networks.

Manuela Carmena announced her intention to run for re-election on September 10 with a platform that will emerge from the whole citizenry and will be made up of individuals, not parties, she said.

The platform is presented today, while Podemos is immersed in its primaries with a single list headed by Julio Rodríguez, a vote in which Rita Maestre and the other five mayors of Podemos decided not to participate in the City Council, which were provisionally suspended from militancy.

The intention of the resident training, which continues to negotiate with the mayor's team, is to integrate their candidates into the list of Manuela Carmena.


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