Carmen Martín stays forever at the Pérez Galdós

A moment of the event held this Wednesday at the IES Pérez Galdós. / cover

The centenary institute, the first created in Las Palmas, baptizes its museum classroom with the name of its former director, promoter of the initiative

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Carmen Martín Afonso retired at the beginning of this course,
but he will stay forever in the institute where he worked for 24 yearsnine of them as secretary and eleven, the latter, as director.

The centenary IES Pérez Galdós in the capital of Gran Canaria, the first secondary school in the province of Las Palmas, paid tribute to the teacher this Wednesday by naming the center's classroom museum after her, where a complete bibliographic collection, teaching material and gadgets with which teachers taught natural sciences, chemistry or art.
The oldest pieces date from the thirties of the last century.

And in that space, between weights, models, discs, plates, a human skeleton and, above all, fellow teachers and students, Carmen Martín thanked with emotion that her institute had decided to name her
a museum classroom that was inaugurated in 2019 to dust off, restore and recover the heritage of a center that is living history of education in the Canary Islands.

The center organized the act taking advantage of the celebration of the day of the museums. The proposal to name the space after Carmen Martín came from the museum classroom commission and was endorsed by the institute's management, which at the end of October proposed it to the School Council and the Senate for approval.


Act in the Carmen Martín museum classroom of the IES Pérez Galdós. /


Vicente Ramírez, director of Pérez Galdós, highlights Martín's role in recovering the center's heritage through this initiative. «It is a recognition of the involvement for so many years, from which the idea of ​​the museum classroom started and above all I highlight
how he was adding many people to the project, getting them excited», he points out. And he adds that it is not just a place to visit and browse, because "every time it is being used more and more didactically."

Carmen Martín has also been recognized twice this year, as she has received one of the Viera y Clavijo awards that the Ministry of Education awards annually in recognition of teaching work.

The former director of the IES Pérez Galdós, Carmen Martín. /


For the teacher, discovering the plaque with her name in the museum classroom has been a "special day" in her long career, and in her speech she stressed that carrying out a project like this can only be achieved through joint work.

The idea was conceived in one of the meetings that Martín attended from the
National Network for the Defense of the Heritage of Historical Institutes, of which the Pérez Galdós is a part. In 2016 the center celebrated its centenary and three years later it inaugurated its museum classroom in a space conditioned to house the material witnesses of so many years of teaching.

“It is the link between history, the past, and the future. It ties us to the past of teaching practice, this is what we treasured without knowing it, and it links us to the future”, said Martín the day the Pérez Galdós museum classroom opened its doors to the institute's educational community and to society in general. And from now on his name will walk next to that future of one of the most emblematic educational centers of the archipelago.

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