January 17, 2021

Carmen Calvo summons Feijóo, the mayor of Sada and the president of the Provincial Council to address the return of the Pazo de Meirás

The first vice president of the Government Carmen Calvo has taken the first step to resolve the situation of the Pazo de Meirás after the judge has ruled this Friday that the property and all the goods inside must be handed over to the State. According to Executive sources, Calvo has called a meeting on Wednesday of next week with the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the mayor of Sada, Benito Portela, and the president of the A Coruña Provincial Council, Valentín González, to address the situation.

The Franco must deliver the Pazo de Meirás and all their goods to the State next Thursday

The Franks must deliver the Pazo de Meirás and all their goods to the State next Thursday

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Calvo has summoned them at 5:30 p.m. at the headquarters of the Government Delegation of A Coruña for a first meeting that lays the foundations of the process that must culminate with the return to the State of the pazo in the hands of the family of the dictator Francisco Franco .

This Friday, Judge Marta Canales, author of the sentence that restores to the public patrimony the emblematic property with which Franco was made during the dictatorship, has rejected all the allegations of the caudillo’s family and appoints the Central Administration depositary of everything there is inside the unique castle located in Sada (A Coruña).

Everything will be under the tutelage of the Government until there is a final judgment on the property. It was “urgent”, underlines the magistrate in a car issued this Friday morning, to prohibit the dictator’s heirs from removing anything from the pazo since they had made public their intention to empty the mansion in a move with up to 50 trucks. In the Torres de Meirás, Franco’s grandchildren treasure countless pieces and historical-artistic works of incalculable value with which the dictator and his family were made during the dictatorship.

The deadline set by the judge leaves the Government and the Galician authorities to resolve the situation of the property as soon as possible. In that first meeting, the process is scheduled to begin so that the State becomes the owner of the Pazo and the assets it contains. The Francs have tried by all means to prevent the Pazo from passing into the hands of the State, and even to save the assets it contains from the process. The judge was forced at the beginning of November to order that all these goods be inventoried and prohibited the Francos from taking them.


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