Carmen Calvo on the death of Laura Luelmo

Carmen Calvo on the death of Laura Luelmo

The vice president of the Government and Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, has asserted today, in relation to the death of Laura Luelmo, that "women have to pay cruel and very high prices for our freedom and our security".

After pointing out that "unfortunately", everything points to the death of the teacher occurred "violently", Calvo has considered that "the State and democracy of the XXI century" still have much to do for the safety of women and to curb the "particular crimes that are committed against us."

The corpse of Laura Luelmo, who had lived for two weeks in El Campillo (Huelva) where she taught at an institute, was located yesterday in an area of ​​difficult access a few kilometers from her home, after last Wednesday she went running. .

"We live our freedoms in very complicated circumstances for doing something like going for a run," said the vice president in statements to the Cadena Ser.

And he has said that women and feminism "can not continue to receive a constant response that trivializes, in many cases, the situation that we suffer throughout the world."

For this reason - it has indicated - it is necessary "to improve the typification of some crimes that they have to do with our sexual freedom" and "to continue working in many measures of penitentiary character that improve the control and make an important effort in the scope of the recidivism" .

In this regard, he pointed out that the General Codification Commission, which is studying whether it is necessary to modify the definition of sexual crimes in the Penal Code, delivered its report yesterday to the Government.

It is, he said, "an advisory report" in charge of the need to "greatly improve security conditions, not only for women, but of legal certainty of how to reach and verify consent."

And it has qualified that, "independently of the conclusions of that report, the Government will take the decisions that guarantee, in a comprehensive manner, what some countries have already achieved, which is that the consent must be resounding and clear".

"And there is only worth the very protected freedom of women to access or not to have intimate relationships," said Calvo, and reiterated that "it will be the Government that decides" the reform of the Criminal Code in that regard.

"Women have every right to ask democracies to respond more and better," he stressed.


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