Carmen Borrego throws balls out in her war with Terelu: “Everything is unleashed by a bait of ‘Viva la vida'”

The Campos clan has become a content-generating machine that Telecinco has been feeding for months so that it does not run out. This weekend, Carmen Borrego underwent a polygraph in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ to talk about all the open fronts she has with her sister and niece.

What nobody expected perhaps, is that Borrego would shoot what was his program, accusing him of generating a conflict between her and her sister: “Now I am going to tell the truth of everything: so the messages that my sister sends me are unleashed is for a bait of ‘Live life‘which says that I have called his daughter deranged and exploited. I have never told him about being taken advantage of, “he said.

Nevertheless, he did admit that he had branded Alejandra Rubio unhinged “because she said that I have a bad head. We each bear what ours. It doesn’t seem fair to me that the rest of us are always to blame for everything, the rest of us are always the ones who make mistakes and here no one makes mistakes more than me. There are times when we are all right and there are times when we are all wrong “Carmen commented indignantly.

Kiko Matamoros, who was present during the interview and who also collaborates in ‘Viva la vida’, reproached the interviewee for her attitude: “You blame ‘Viva la vida’, but all of us who were here, when you said this, looked at each other and said: my mother, the one Tita Carmen is going to screw up”.

A question also came to light about some very hurtful messages that Terelu would have sent his sister, something that hurt a lot to the youngest daughter of Maria Teresa Campos: “I think it exceeded all limits, And no matter how hot one is, you can’t give me where it hurts the most. “However, hours later, the guest published an image on her social networks with the following description: “I love my sister and my niece. Does anyone doubt it?”


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