November 30, 2020

Carme Forcadell leaves prison to volunteer and take care of her mother

The former president of the Parlament Carme Forcadell has left this morning from the Mas d’Enric prison in El Catllar (Tarragona) to carry out volunteer work and take care of her elderly mother.

On February 12, the Mas d’Enric treatment board agreed to allow Forcadell to leave prison several days a week to carry out these activities through the application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations.

Specifically, the departure plan provided by the treatment board allows Forcadell to leave the prison a total of three days during the week, at a rate of nine hours a day, including round trip travel to the prison.

The former president of the Parliament and the ANC, sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail by the Supreme Court, has managed to benefit from 100.2 after delivering the pertinent documentation to the penitentiary that accredits that in the departures they grant her she will carry out volunteer work and will take care of his elderly mother.

In recent weeks the treatment board of the Lledoners prison (Barcelona) has also agreed to make the Jordis regime more flexible: the former president of the ANC can leave three days a week and five the leader of Òmnium Cultural, to go to work and participate in volunteer activities.

Likewise, former Interior seller Joaquim Forn and Labor Dolors Bassa may leave to go to work and take care of family members, once the prisons where they serve a sentence for the “procés” -Lledoners and Puig de les Basses, respectively- agreed last week apply article 100.2.

This article is proposed by the treatment boards of the prisons -integrated by jurists, psychologists, social educators, doctors and teachers- and the possible resources are exhausted at the Audiencia of Barcelona, ​​unlike the prison classification, in which the last word the Has the sentencing court.


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