July 26, 2021

Carlota Corredera speaks clearly about Olga Moreno in Sálvame: she accuses her of “her part in Rocío Carrasco’s pain”

Carlota Corredera speaks clearly about Olga Moreno in Sálvame accuses her about

Carlota Corredera speaks clearly about Olga Moreno in Sálvame accuses her of “her part in the part of Rocío Carrasco’s pain”.

Survivors is about to close one of the most controversial and strange editions in memory. Changes of dates, accusations of tongo … Today, in Sálvame, Carlota Corredera who has clearly positioned herself on the side of Rocio Carrasco After the broadcast of his controversial documentary, he has decided to speak loud and clear about Olga Moreno.

“I think that if Olga is in the final it is because the public has decided it and that is incontestable. Tomorrow we will see who wins,” he continued. Next, he wanted to clarify two things: “When Olga leaves, Rocío’s episode zero has already been broadcast and she tells the strongest thing about her relationship with her children. And Olga does know that. She knows in what terms she spoke of how the relationship with her children hurt her” . “I do not forget that of course one of the two is lying. The episode that Rocío tells how the trial was. What Olga told us that how Rocío did not want to see her son against the version that Olga turned away the child’s face to that he did not see his mother. I do not doubt that he loves the children but as far as we know So far I do believe that Olga has been a necessary collaborator in the part of Rocío’s pain “, has declared in the Telecinco program.

Antonio David Flores attacks Carlota Corredera

Antonio David Flores suffers a personal and professional blow since his ex-wife three months ago, Rocio Carrasco, became the absolute protagonist of television and crossed it out of physical, psychological and manipulative abuser.

The Vigo Carlota Sliding, host of the documentary series ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’, She does not allow the version of Rocío Jurado’s daughter to be questioned and her confrontations with her ex-husband are common. But now it’s up to him to make his judgment.

The broadcast of the documentary series of Telecinco censored the former civil guard of Telecinco, the network in which he worked as a contributor to several top-rated shows such as Save me or Viva la Vida. These opportunities came after his participation in Big Brother VIP, but the production company expelled Antonio David from all his jobs.

The productra La Fábrica de la Tele fired him abruptly after the first episode and the chain does not allow him to pronounce in his spaces. He couldn’t even visit his wife, Olga Moreno, in Survivors.

Carlota Sliding became extremely involved in the family conflict: requested the dismissal of collaborators who questioned Rocío Carrasco’s version, does not allow anyone to speak ill of her, threw “poisoned darts” at Antonio David and came to challenge their daughter, Rocío Flores, with a controversial invitation.


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