Carlota Corredera explodes against Miguel Bosé: "Nobody has treated me worse in my life"

Carlota Corredera and Miguel Bosé.

Carlota Corredera and Miguel Bosé.

Some days ago Miguel Bosé promoted to the media his Biography, titled Captain Thunder's son. However, the singer has starred in new controversies in his dealings with the journalists, since he has been hostile when asked about issues that he deals with in his book and, of course, about his denialist stance on the pandemic.

This Wednesday, 'Save me'he remembered Bosé's anger with a journalist from El País, and as a result Carlota Corredera confessed her bad experience with the artist when she started her career: "I was 23 when I interviewed him. He had just graduated and my newspaper sent me to interview him for seventh of caballería, one of the best musical programs that there has been in Spain, "he began by recalling.

"No one has treated me worse in my life. I've never been disrespected like this, in all the ways you can imagine. How I miss him in an interview. And according to him it was because he was asking unfortunate questions. And I am doing them according to the press release that they had given me, "said the presenter.

"He green Spanish Television, to the press officer of Televisión Española ... Except for him, we were all doing them wrong. Jimmy told me that I had to understand that he was in another dimension because he had related to Picasso and Orson Wells. Well look darling I studied in a public school and I have much more education"added the host before the applause of the public." If you want to promote the book you have to promote the book and that everyone knows what it is, "he sentenced.


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