Carlota Corredera explodes against Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores: "You are a little misplaced"

As expected, from 'Save me' they have not remained silent in the face of the attacks he has launched Dew Flowers this morning from 'The program Ana Rose'. In addition to stating that María Patiño has "no credibility" as a journalist, the collaborator has charged against the evening program, affirming that they have been provoking her since she sat at the top of La Fábrica de la Tele in court.

A few words that Carlota Corredera not overlooked: "You have not sat anyone from this production company. Your complaint has been filedLike the one you gave Vanitatis for making public the sentence that condemned you for continued mistreatment of your mother for three years. "

On the other hand, the presenter has addressed both Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila to stand up for his partner and friend: "I think you have lost the north of where you are. You are working at Mediaset, where María Patiño is the presenter. I think the least that can be done in these circumstances, even if you disagree and you don't like it what it says about you, that you are characters, is to respect the profession of the people".

"María Patiño not only has credibility, but she is also a journalist who is also a presenter. I ask for respect for her and for all the presenters who do not agree with you. I do not provoke anyone, I give my opinion, just as you give it, what happens is that I am a presenter and a journalist ", added Carlota, who has asked for" respect "from the collaborators: "I think you are a little misplaced".

Carlota Corredera: "You have not sat this production company on the bench"

During her speech, Carlota Corredera has insisted that Rocío Flores has lied from the morning magazine of Telecinco: "Put the demands that you consider appropriate, but do not say that you have sat at the top of this production company on the bench, because its not true".

On the other hand, he recalled that Belén Esteban told in a delivery of 'Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive' that Rocío Flores "denied her sentence." "A person who denies his sentence, for the people who work with her, oysters ... Watch out. Certain things cannot be denied. We will not cling to justice only when it suits us, "he has dropped.

Furthermore, he has maintained that he has never said that Antonio David Flores be an abuser. "We have said that he is not exonerated or acquitted. The case that was launched was closed, but here we have never skipped the presumption of innocence", has settled.


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