Carlos Vermut reveals the trailer for his new film, 'Manticore', in

Carlos Vermut became, with just two films, one of the most personal voices of current Spanish cinema. Diamond Flash and Magical Girl showed that there was a filmmaker who escaped any mold and established norm in an industry dominated by the likes of television. with magic girl managed to win the Gold and Silver Shell, a victory within the reach of few. After Who will sing to you, the director has taken his time to shape his new film, Manticore, which after being presented at the Toronto Film Festival reveals in his first trailer.

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A dark and mysterious film, of which Vermut prefers to reveal little, and which will be released at the end of the year. It tells the story of Julián (Nacho Sánchez), a successful video game designer who lives tormented by a dark secret. When Diana (Zoe Stein) appears in her life, Julián feels close to the opportunity to be happy.

In Vermouth's words, Manticore is a "story about love and monsters in modern times." “It speaks of a real monster, of those who live among you and that you can find in the subway or in the queue at the bakery. It speaks of his need to love and be loved”, declared the director about a film that will be seen for the first time in Spain at the Sitges Festival.

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