August 4, 2020

Carlos Varela interprets his new songs in the Plaza del Pilar – La Provincia

When the thirty years of the release of his first album, Jalisco Park recorded in the Canary Islands and the twenty-five of Like the fish, his best known album, the popular Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela he returns to Gran Canaria with new songs under his arm to offer them to his legion of co-religionists in the concert he will offer on October 18, at 9:00 p.m., at the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo de Vegueta.

Organized by the Casa de Colón, a center dependent on the network of museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo Grancanario, the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Televisión Canaria through Canarias Radio la Autonómica, the aforementioned recital, whose executive production runs by Amilkilometros Producciones, it is free. Charles Varela It will be accompanied by a band made up of the island musicians Domingo Saavedra (piano) and Jaime del Pino (Bass). It will have, in addition, with the collaboration of the voice of Olga Cerpa – his friend for three decades – in one of his songs and the Cuban violinist Ismel Leal.

The most controversial and controversial singer-songwriter of the 80s and 90s generation in Cuba, baptized by many as the woodcutter without forest, the gnome, the poet of Havana or the son of Guillermo Tell, return to Gran Canaria. Considered the rebel poet of the Cuban singer-songwriters, Varela has managed to capture the feeling of several generations and get his work to transcend beyond its borders.

In 1989 he came to the Canary Islands for the first time at the hands of Silvio Rodríguez to record his first album in Tenerife Jalisco Park. In 1994 he traveled to Madrid invited by Joaquín Sabina to record Like fish perhaps his best known and acclaimed album.

With this work he won the 1995 Waves Award for Best Latin Revelation Artist. That same year he composed with Sabina the song 'Tan Joven y Tan Viejo' and Serrat invites him to participate in the album Serrat you are unique, along with well-known Spanish interpreters.

Many of his songs are heard in the voices of well-known Spanish-speaking artists with whom he has shared the stage such as Ana Belén, Mestisay, Miguel Bosé, Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodríguez, Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, Ivan Lins, etc. and also in the voices of great American musicians like Dave Matthews, Jackson Browne and Rufus Wainwright, among others.

Varela's songs have become the soundtrack of several generations of Cubans spread all over the world, songs also appreciated by artists and creatives from different latitudes, such as his work A word, his best known song first chosen by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu for the short Powder Keg and then by the American director Tony Scott (1944–2012) for the final scene of the film Man on fire starring Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Marc Anthony and Dakota Fanning. Thanks to this film, A word It became his most versioned song, translated into a dozen languages.

Varela has received a degree Honoris Causa of Queen's University in Kingston. The North American chain HBO exhibited during a year The poet of Havana, a documentary narrated by Benicio del Toro, about the life and work of Varela and his 30-year career.

Now, with 35 years of experience in music, Carlos Varela returns to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to celebrate a concert in homage to the city where he was born and lives, Havana, which celebrates its 500th anniversary.

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