Carlos Sobera conquers another 'First Dates' diner: "You are terrific"

The restaurant of 'First Dates'opened its doors to a new recognized fan of Carlos Sobera after the words that Luis Miguel dedicated to him on his respective visit. This is the case of Maria Luisa, a 60-year-old woman from Seville, who did not hesitate to show her admiration to the presenter after being puzzled when she asked him what her ideal man was like: "I thought you wanted me to define you, because you look terrific ".

"It gives me that the one who is going to enter the premises is going to make you fall in love ", laughed Carlos Sobera to María Luisa, who ended up detailing the requirements that the man she would like to meet should have: "That he like to live life the same as me. That he does sports, but not in the gym."

After this moment, María Luisa knew that she was going to meet Avelino, a 72-year-old pensioner from Seville, who entered the restaurant showing his passion for bullfighting and ensuring that he had met many women throughout his life: "But they all come to the same thing. I want a stability, not hang around".

"I do not expect an Adonis or anything like that, but a physical condition, the poor thing is transparent"María Luisa assured in a total on camera after sharing her first minutes with Avelino at the bar of the premises.

Once seated at the table that the program reserved for them, the truth is that the appointment was for the worse. In addition to being uncomfortable with the age difference of more than 12 years, the evening went wrong when Avelino assured that he was not going to take anything when they took his order: "I'm not going to eat because I can't. I had surgery for colon cancer six years ago. I'm fine now, but I have to eat things that I do".

"That way of life does not fit with what I want, I want a man who has no impediments to go anywhere, neither to eat, nor to drink, "said María Luisa before the dating cameras after this episode.

In the last minutes of the match, the differences were decisive in 'The final decision' of both, since neither of them wanted to continue meeting the other. "Although as a friend if because she is a great woman," Avelino explained before leaving the 'First Dates' restaurant.


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