April 22, 2021

Carlos Santana launches his own strain of marijuana at 72

The artist Carlos Santana announced that from this summer he will begin marketing his own line of marijuana products, thanks to a partnership with a company that has already launched similar brands with the heirs of Bob Marley and Mickey Hart, the drummer of Grateful Dead

“Cannabis is a door or a window to a different state of consciousness,” said the famous musician of Mexican descent in a statement released Thursday by US media.

“It gives you the opportunity to perceive a different filter of consciousness, the misperception that distance is an illusion, which prevents you from staying focused on your core essence,” added the ten-time Grammy winner.

In addition, he concluded, “it helps you reach the conclusion, acceptance and internalization that living with joy is the way to have quality of life.”

With his decision to enter the thriving marijuana industry in the United States, Santana, 72, follows in the footsteps of other great music artists such as Willie Nelson, who launched the “Willie’s Reserve” strain in 2015.

That same year, rapper Snoop Dog launched his “Leafs” line.

Santana has spent years fighting for the legalization of cannabis. In 2009, he proposed then President Barack Obama to use taxes on the legal sale of marijuana to finance public education.

Santana’s plans, with the company Left Coast Ventures, are to launch marijuana products in the summer and said they can be purchased at dispensaries in the state of California (USA).

For the fall, it plans to expand its offer with a line of cannabidiol (CBD) products, which do not have the addictive component of cannabis and are used, above all, for medicinal purposes.

The artist did not reveal what name he will give to his strain, but Rolling Stone music magazine speculated that he could be inspired by the names of his albums, among which he mentioned “Moonflower”, “Supernatural” and “Shaman.”


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