Carlos Sainz's words about the political situation in Spain that many will not like

Carlos Sainz's words about the political situation in Spain that many will not like

Carlos Sainz He is one of the myths of Spanish sport, a driver who opened the world of rallying to Spain and who continues to be one of the most visible faces of Spanish society, because he has never stopped competing. He was the protagonist, along with Carlos Moya, from one of the most remembered episodes, the one in which the car stopped 500 meters from the finish line. “It was a very hard moment.

But he also taught me that you should never give up."Sainz was this week's guest on the television program Plano general on Spanish Television. It was a review of his life and his sports career, but the program also saw a Carlos Sainz dI am willing to speak more clearly than other times about very controversial issues in today's Spain.

If something has marked Carlos Sainz's life, it is his passion for speed, for racing cars, he has never stopped doing it because he cannot stop. "Speed ​​is my life," he assured journalist Jenaro Castro. "But it's not a drug. It is a healthy passion that makes me enjoy what I do"continued the Spanish driver, who is once again preparing for the Dakar. “I'm a normal guy," Carlos Sainz said in the interview: "My present is to train and my future is to win," he said. "The rally is my life and I want to continue competing at the highest level for as long as possible."

The problem is that this passion for speed has been inherited by his son, who competes in F1, with Ferrari, the most legendary team in the competition. It is not the same thing to compete as it is to see your child at breakneck speed. "It's very hard to see your son risk his life in every race. But it is also a great satisfaction to see him succeed."

Sainz showed his concern when asked about his vision of Spain. "It is worrying," he said. "I sincerely would have liked to see it differently, with more calm, not depending on factors or minorities. The two major parties should sit down, as they have done in other countries, and reach a consensus much more than they do." ”.

He also condemned the Israel-Gaza war. "It is a tragedy that must end as soon as possible," he said. "I hope the international community can find a peaceful solution."