Carlos Sainz responds on the interest of Ferrari and Alonso in Formula 1

The Spanish rider is in the McLaren test in Formula 1

Carlos Sainz is happy with his McLaren "The MCL35 really shows that it is a better step than last year. Not so much in a slow curve, but in a medium curve. But hey, we have many things still to bring to improve in slow curve. There are five days left, ”said the Spanish driver after the first Formula 1 test in Catalonia:“ The conditions were very different from the Grand Prix. There was much more grip and the track was faster. There has been no wind. They were the ideal conditions, so the car is very different from what it was last year. You can see that the car has different things from 2019, things that we are learning and from which we are drawing conclusions. We still have five days left to continue doing it ”

He says the car is never like “The car feels great. We are much faster than last year at this point. Everything looks much better, but I've seen the times of others and they are too. The question is where will we be. The feelings are positive, especially for doing so many kilometers on the first day. Winter work pays off and I am very happy. We will squeeze little by little. ” But they have to improve the sixth position of last year: "It is difficult and almost impossible. But improving the performance of the car and being closer to large teams, that is possible. It must be our goal."

One of the greats is Ferrari, which according to rumors, might be interested in Carlos Sainz: "I can't say anything because I don't know anything. You know that I am very happy at McLaren, it is the place where I have been the most happy in my sports career and I see myself here in the long term ”.

And he talked about the possible return of Fernando Alonso: "Why not. In Formula 1 there are the best drivers in the world and Fernando is one of them. So why not. And no, I haven't talked to him. ”


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