March 1, 2021

Carlos Sainz, in the Formula 1 showcase

Formula One is moving towards a new generation of pilots and for that relay to occur there may not have to wait much longer, maybe a few months. Although it may not seem like it, the waters are very rough in teams like Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari and in the current market they send a few drivers. Some are clearly up and others down. Their opportunity came, but they did not know how to take advantage of it and now their lack of performance represents an economic burden for their teams because the achievement of points is directly linked to the entry of income. This is the so-called Covenant of Concord that regulates the distribution of cake, the great cake that generates this sport.

The list of pilots that go up is dominated by Verstappen and Leclerc. Just behind is the Spaniard Carlos Sainz. Yes, Madrid is considered today a pilot to take into account for his performance, his technical capacity and his experience, since in 2019 he faces his fifth season in the premier category. His arrival at McLaren has coincided with the resurgence of the English team, although it is still far from the big ones. But it is the first on the list far from other candidates such as Alfa Romeo, Renault, Haas or Toro Rosso. Sainz is respected by the entire paddock and his enormous regularity has led him to be on the list of candidates of virtually any team. He showed it under hellish conditions two weeks ago in Germany and last weekend in Hungary with two races that resulted in two fifth places. In addition, word of mouth in the F-1 also works as in any other field and the opinions about Sainz are very good, both from its rivals, and from the engineers with whom it has worked.

In Red Bull they regret having let McLaren escape because they bet on Pierre Gasly, a Frenchman who comes from his quarry and who, today, after two years in the F-1, fights with Sainz, who does not He was able to overcome in the last race held at Hungaroring. It is precisely the Frenchman one of the candidates to leave his post before September. The energy team would like to have Sainz, but Madrid is very good now at McLaren. 2020 may be something else. In Mercedes they begin to get fed up with Bottas and their constant failures. But they have a good replacement in Esteban Ocon. And at Ferrari the crisis can take Sebastian Vettel ahead, tired of not having a good car in 2019 and not taking advantage of the opportunity in 2018 when he did. The duo Leclerc-Sainz would be very complete, but perhaps in the "Scuderia" they are thinking more about Mick Schumacher, son of the heptacampeón, than in any other option.

And to all this, one of the "oldest", Hamilton, is already going for his sixth crown. He has the title in his pocket and in this way rumors are diluted about a possible immediate withdrawal. He wants to beat "Schumi" and he may not do it in Mercedes. The change of regulation in 2021 will mark the fate of many young pilots and others who are no longer so.

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