Carlos Sainz gets older

The picture was not rosy at the beginning of the season, let's be clear. Carlos Sainz arrived at McLaren, a team as mythical as lost in time, who was unable to make a decent car, as Fernando Alonso knows. There were also certain doubts with Carlos in some sectors for the perennial comparison to which he was subjected to Asturian genius and, curiously, with his own father. Doubts absolutely dissipated after a spectacular year, thrilling at times, which has culminated in the best way, tying the sixth place in the drivers classification. That is, the best I could get with the machine in my hands. So, think about higher levels.

Win the World Cup? PTo win a Formula One World Cup, you need three things: the best car, or almost, natural talent and ambition. Carlos more than meets two of these requirements. Talent has shown this season by taking impossible points, risking and starring memorable "axes." As for ambition, there is no problem. It is a winner. He has a sharp look and very clear speech: not conform. And that means some more podium next year and, if luck smiles a lot, catch the victory.

2021 The key season for Sainz will be that of 2021. Mercedes will motorize McLaren and we already know what the German team is capable of. If the binomial works again, Carlos could aspire to everything. Another option is to find a seat in an already winning car. Next year there will be interesting movements and the Spanish cache has increased. So far, Ferrari has already begun to court Hamilton publicly. The champion could reach Maranello to return the glory to the Italians after the fiasco with Vettel. The future is open to all and Sainz has sown to get the most.


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