Carlos Sainz before the ghost of "try to tear it off"

The 57-year-old will face tomorrow the last stage of what could be his third conquered Dakar. Already lost a world rally in the last 500 meters

Tomorrow veteran rally driver Carlos Sainz starts as a favorite to conquer his third Dakar. The Madrid is first with ten minutes of advantage over his pursuers Al-Attiyah and Petterhansel. In addition, good news for Sainz arrived from Saudi Arabia today, the last stage has been cut in the middle of its journey through some works of an oil company in the area, which reduces the chances of an unforeseen event that truncated the expected triumph .

But despite all the data and statistics that favor him, the Spanish pilot will always be chased by a voice, that of Luis Moya. In 1998, more than 21 years ago, both were "pulled" 500 meters from the goal of the Rally of England, when crossing it would have earned Carlos his third world rally title. The heartbreaking scene of co-driver Luis Moya hitting the car in frustration left the mythical phrase "try to start it Carlos", while he tried to cool the engine.

Tomorrow, along with Lucas Cruz, Carlos Sainz will seek to reach Qiddiya as the three-time champion of the Dakar. Carlos is already the most veteran driver in winning this ‘raid’ since he did it 55 years ago, two editions ago.


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