February 25, 2021

"Carlos is an untamable animal"

Carlos Ramos is the current featherweight European Union champion, Tinín Rodríguez is his coach and both look like brothers; In the middle of a combat, television reflects an attitude that could be said even hostile between both, with bad comments and even shaking by the coach to his fighter; in the short distance they "love each other": they do not stop laughing, making jokes, showing affection and making fun of each other. The success achieved by the Spanish boxer is the result of his talent, his extremely high strength and his agility, but it would be nothing without that voice that shouts in the corner: "Give me one down, Carlos, pussy!" or without that coach who, at the end of an assault, tells his fighter: "I take off your gloves and go?".

The combat was not easy: after a few first assaults of clarity of Carlos Ramos, his rival, Razaq NajibHe began to move around the ring, becoming a fly for the Spaniard's gloves: "At the beginning he gave a lot of fight: from the first to the sixth he gave a lot of war." From there he began to move, to make a mobility box, and it cost find the holes (…) I wanted to win by knockout, could not but the points: that is also true, "explains the boxer. While Najib shunned the fight, Carlos tried to desperate the rival: he began to do provocative gestures with his arms and to make faces as a mockery to "find" his rival: "In boxing you play a lot with psychology: I made those gestures to get him out of his place and see if he reacted differently with that attitude, but nothing changed: he did not stay at all, he continued with his strategy. .. And we end up winning ", sentence.

About that, about psychology, he knows a lot Tinín: has had to deal with fighters like Ángel Moreno, Jon Fernández or Kiko Martínez, each son of his father and mother and with a different mentality to face different situations. The work projected towards Carlos Ramos is very different from what he has to do with any other of his pupils: "The only thing I look for is activate your alert system, and works. Carlos is an indomitable animal: he has impressive characteristics as a boxer, but he does not dominate his mind as he would like on the ring. "Thus, the aggressive and authoritarian attitude with his boxer does not respond to a bad relationship between the two, but to an indomitable mentality It needs to be controlled: "I've only shown this attitude with Carlos: you'll never see me or see me in a fight with another team fighter like that. But this is a process of change where I will have to regulate in the corner to give less and he will have to do the same to give more", evaluates Tinín.

And, as the coach says, "contrary to what people think, what they think we are discussing, Carlos and I we want a lot"-and continues-" we work to win, not for the public: although it seems that we are in a fight and that is what we are looking for, we are looking to activate their alert system, and if that is what we have to stone, we will do it ". boxer seconds him: "I am a boxer who sometimes falls asleep in the rounds: I personally asked him to give me a little intensity in each round … It's true that he spent a little (laughs) but he did his job and I did mine: I asked him and he served to improve every three minutes. "Thus, the binomial has color to go for long:" He is my coach, I'm going to keep working with him because I'm very happy like that and we are going to get many more titles for Spanish boxing"he says bluntly.

The future of both has a name and surname: Andoni Gago. As they say in this sport (and in this of life), "to be the best you have to face the best." Well, if the best is the Basque, for him: "I want to do now the absolute European." Gago is a fighter I respect: he has earned his position, but I already told him with all the respect I wanted to fight him and that if the hobby also wanted, why not? "says Carlos; "We want the EBU: we are looking at the steps of Marc Vidal, Andoni Gago or even Jesús Sánchez to see how soon we can make Carlos the absolute champion of Europe". Of all the possibilities that are shuffled there is only one thing true: except hecatomb, in one of the corners of the assault on the European featherweight title will be Carlos Ramos and Tinín Rodríguez, together, as usual.

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