January 20, 2021

Carlos Herrera: “To date no one has told us that there will be no Cup” – La Provincia

Carlos Herrera, Rocasa’s first coach, makes a positive assessment of the work of his team after surpassing the equator of an atypical preseason, in which the uncertainty about the future of the competition marks the day-to-day of the players and the coaching staff.

What balance do you make of the first weeks of work in this preseason so atypical for Rocasa, marked by the safety and hygiene protocols imposed by Covid-19?

The work, for now, is going well. Fortunately we have not suffered any mishap in the form of injury, which is something very important at this start of the preseason. We are focusing on spreading the charges to help players recharge their batteries after such a long period of inactivity. We would have liked to play the Canarian Government Cup matches a little later, but in the end the circumstances are what rule.

Where is the team at right now?

We are not ready to compete yet, but neither did I expect to be at this point, like no other team. As of today, the team is doing well considering the dates, although it is also true that we would be better if both Sayna and Paula had already been incorporated 100%, since that would have allowed us to see the whole set to get an idea more real of how far we could go.

What does he tell us about the performance of the new hires: Mizuki Hosoe, Iara Grosso and María Gomes?

The truth is that we are seeing them all very well. We thought we were going to need a little more time to adapt, especially in the case of the Japanese Mizuki, because of the language, but she is a very daring girl, who asks all questions, who understands everything you say and I think His incorporation has been very good for us.

In recent days, some doubts have arisen about the celebration or not of the Queen’s Cup, scheduled for September 3 in Malaga. Is there news about it from the Spanish Federation? What feelings do you have in the club about a possible cancellation due to the pandemic?

To this day no one has contacted us to tell us that the Cup will not be played; something different is what we think in a particular way, or the rumors that can be heard daily about it. The only thing we hope is that, if it is finally celebrated, it is that it will be with all the security measures, because it is a tournament that moves many people and behind all those people there are family and friends who can be indirectly affected in the case of possible infections.

In this situation of maximum uncertainty, how do you see the players and the coaching staff emotionally?

We are fine, we train every day with a positive attitude, thinking that we will soon compete in the Queen’s Cup, otherwise the training would have logically been different. We are working to compete to win the Cup and bring it to Gran Canaria.

In the Government Cup of the Canary Islands, the public has returned to the Antonio Moreno Pavilion.

It is a strange sensation, because the head is impossible not to have it thinking about other things, about how the general situation is on the street. As long as all the appropriate measures are strictly followed, complying with the security protocol for the Covid-19, in terms of the safety distance and hygiene measures, I think it is good to start resuming a certain normality, and in this sense we are the first club that has begun to allow people in the stands. It is important that the people who come to the pavilion are respectful with others and with the established rules, and then when they return home they continue to be responsible for their own good and that of others.


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