Carlos Herrera launches an offer to Belén Esteban after disappearing from ‘Sálvame’: “This is your house”

An image of Belén Esteban and Carlos herrera.

An image of Belén Esteban and Carlos herrera.

Tuesday February 23 marked a week since the last confrontation between Jorge Javier Vazquez Y Belén Esteban, that since then has not stepped on the plate of ‘Save me‘. His absence has set off all alarms and viewers have begun to wonder if Paracuellos’s has left never to return.

Antonio Rossi affirmed last Friday in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ that his partner does not want to talk about this topic, but he was confident that he will return to his post when the situation calms down.

However, more than a week after the row, about which none of its protagonists has spoken again, returning to work would not be among the plans of the ‘village princess’.

In the middle of this situation, Carlos Herrera has extended his hand to the former Jesulín de Ubrique. The COPE announcer already launched him a job offer last summer, coinciding with his political disagreements with Jorge Javier. “I do not deny that I would like to have a section with her to take temperatures about political and social realities,” said the journalist at the time.

This Wednesday, one of Herrera’s collaborators has speculated with the possibility that Belén signs for another Telecinco program: ‘Viva la vida’. “He’s looking for a job, I don’t know what we’re waiting for,” he dropped. Quickly, the host of the program has made a proposal to the face of Telecinco: “What are we waiting for? Belén, this is your house. Come here whenever you want.”


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