Carlos Ghosn's wife asks Macron to intercede for her husband

The wife of Renault president Carlos Ghosn wrote a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron to intercede for her husband and ensure that his rights are preserved in Japan, where he has been detained since 19 November.

This is revealed on Sunday by the weekly "Le Journal du Dimanche" which states that the letter was sent on the 10th and that, for the moment, there has been no response from Macron.

In the letter, Carole Ghosn asks the French president "to ensure France's determination to guarantee its citizens the right to a fair trial."

At the same time, he asks Macron to demand Japan to comply with its international commitments in respect of the law.

The wife of the ex-president of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, accused by the Japanese justice system of corruption in the collection of their salaries, had already expressed concern over the conditions of her husband's detention in a letter sent to the NGO Human Rights Watch.

In it, he said that Ghosn is in a cell lit 24 hours a day, that he does not have access to his daily medical treatments and that he is constantly "interrogated, intimidated, lectured and admonished with the intention of extracting a confession."

The employer's lawyers have not obtained the conditional release of his client, who must remain locked up until at least March 10, arguing that he can flee abroad or destroy evidence.


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