January 26, 2021

Carlos Ghosn is released on bail after more than three months in prison | Economy

Carlos Ghosn is released on bail after more than three months in prison | Economy

The former president of the automobile conglomerate made up of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn, has been released this Wednesday, after spending more than three months in prison. The businessman is being investigated for crimes of tax fraud and faces a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. The trial is scheduled for next fall, although the specific date is still pending.

The manager, 64, was escorted out as he was dressed in a work suit, cap and mask. After two bail requests denied, the Tokyo District Court accepted on Tuesday grant freedom to the Brazilian if he promised to pay 7.8 million euros and agreed to strong security measures, both to prevent him from leaving the country and to destroy evidence.

In this way, the employer has been stripped of his passport and will be subject to extensive surveillance. Ghosn promised to take an electronic device to control his location and has agreed to install a video surveillance camera at the entrance of his residence. In turn, you will have limited communication because you are prohibited from contacting other parties involved in the case or receiving or sending text messages. The employer will only have access to a computer in the office of their lawyers.

Ghosn is accused by the Japanese Prosecutor's Office of three charges, two based on allegedly have hidden part of their multimillion-dollar income for eight years (about 74 million euros in total) and another for use Nissan to cover personal financial losses incurred during the 2008 financial crisis, valued at 14.5 million euros. The businessman has declared himself innocent at all times and assures that his arrest responds to a "plot" by the Nissan directors to remove him from the presidency of the car manufacturer. "They have accused me wrongly and I have been unjustly detained because of accusations that have no basis, "the Brazilian said in his first appearance before the court last January. "I have always acted with integrity and I have never been accused of any crime during my professional career of several decades, "he added at the time.

Ghosn, who has been in preventive detention since November 19, He was dismissed from his positions at both Nissan and Mitsubishi days after his arrest, while he resigned his position at Renault at the end of January. The fall from grace of one of the most powerful executives in the industry worldwide has shaken the foundations of the Franco-Japanese consortium, the world's largest in the sector with an annual production of 10 million vehicles


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