March 6, 2021

Carles Puyol, bloodied: "Will I learn someday?"

If something has always characterized the former footballer of FC Barcelona Carles Puyol is his willingness. He always had accustomed the public to throw themselves for the impossible balls, to fight the balls divided as the one that more and to spread that winning DNA to the rest of his costumes. After his retirement, Puyol leads a seemingly quiet life, or so his social networks show … When you don't check if it has more strength than a wall of paddle glass.

The former Blaugran captain has uploaded a photograph to his Instagram (which accumulates hundreds of thousands of likes) of himself with blood on his left elbow, left leg and in the shirt he holds. The following image is a glass of a completely broken and cracked paddle court, with chips and large pieces piled on the floor. In the description of the image you can read: "Will I learn to dose someday?"

It can be understood, although it is not explicitly clear, that the intensity of the plant has been key to breaking the wall of the track. It seems that, despite the coup, the former Blaugrana has not suffered serious damage; you just have to regret the cuts of the crystals and the blow caused.

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