Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Carles Puigdemont asks Belgium to reopen the investigation on the beacons placed in his car

Carles Puigdemont pide a Bélgica reabrir la investigación sobre las balizas colocadas en su coche

The Catalan expresident, Carles Puigdemont, asked the Belgian justice yesterday reopens the investigation about the tracking beacons that were allegedly placed in one of the vehicles that he uses in Belgium. His lawyers, in fact, are already studying the filing of an appeal, after the judge who instructed the case decided to file it, once the Walva Bravante Prosecutor's Office - with jurisdiction over the municipality of Waterloo - requested the dismissal. The Public Prosecutor's Office requested it, as it did not reach any relevant conclusions on the possible persons responsible for the placement of the devices.

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Puigdemont reacted like this before an information published yesterday by the Catalan Noticies Agency, according to which the Belgian police notes in its reports to fiscal of the National Audience Carlos Bautista Samaniego as one of the suspects of espionage to the expresident. The agents consider that the public prosecutor stayed in a hotel in Brussels at the end of January 2018 - during the same week in which they believe that the monitoring of Puigdemont began - and that from there he made a call with the same number of one of the cards SIM that would have been used in the beacons.

Puigdemont believes that "the evidences" revealed "confirm the need to continue investigating" the case

"The evidence that has been revealed confirms the need to continue investigating," said Carles Puigdemont. "There has been a criminal act. They placed some tracking beacons on two cars that we used. This is a crime and what I ask for before a crime is that there is interest in investigating "to" find the culprits, "he continued. And he asked that Spain "contribute" to "clarify who committed the crime."

The Association of Prosecutors, meanwhile, said in a statement that "the stay in Brussels of the aforementioned prosecutor was due to his participation in a project of the European Union organized by France, called Project Jupiter Judges Prosecutors Invil in Tackling Terrorism" A program that it consists in strengthening judicial cooperation in the fight against terrorism, of which, apart from Spain and France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Holland participate. "The stay in Brussels" by Carlos Bautista Samaniego, the statement continues, "was organized by the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, which was also responsible for reserving the hotel."

The appeal raised by the lawyers of Carles Puigdemont could prosper if the judge in charge of studying it considers that there are sufficient elements to unarchive the case.

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