Carla Vallejo: “Much remains to be improved” in legislation on sexist violence

The Deputy Minister of Justice of the Canary Islands Government, Carla vallejo, considers that in Spain “much remains to be improved” in legislative matters regarding the fight against violence against women, to the point that, in his opinion, “the challenges are similar to those of 2003 and 2004 “, when specific courts were created to deal with it.

From her experience as a magistrate specialized in the matter, the deputy counselor has advocated for it this Friday, in a debate of “Balance 15 years after the creation of the Courts of Violence against Women“framed in the III Conference of Justice and Equality organized by the Ministry of the branch before March 8, that there should be a more” practical “management when it comes to caring for and defending women and children who are victims of sexist violence.

Vallejo, as explained in a statement from his department, wanted in that forum to recall that historically, in the bulk of regulations, the accused has been defended, but that thanks to the approval of Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28 , of Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence, and the Statute of the Victim, this began to change and the victim was presented as a subject with rights.

Do a “practical” Justice

“This supposes the need to make justice richer, which not only tries to build courts and prosecutor’s offices, it supposed to create new institutions and spaces,” said the deputy minister, who, in this line, has said that the Government of the Canary Islands is committed to ” to guarantee a practical justice that, among its missions, it has to conceive judicial buildings with pleasant and adapted spaces “.

The new technologies are other tools that can become allies of the Justice in the face of this challenge, as shown by initiatives such as the setting up of virtual offices for the attention of victims or the improvement of prior appointment services, he pointed out.

In addition, it has said that, regarding legislation, it is necessary to move towards a specialized, guaranteeing and modern justice that takes into account the role that compensation to victims has to play, which does not guarantee comprehensive reparation of damages, to your understand, add text.


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