July 8, 2020

Carla Suárez: "I'm keeping my tennis hooked people" | sports

From the street you could hear the blows and then the screams. One two Three. "Again!" Demanded the coach at the foot of the track. AND Carla Suárez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; 31 years old) He snorted but grabbed the racket again to give more blows, more screams. After showering, dressed in tracksuit and with a slightly nervous smile, he announced: “2020 is going to be my last year as a professional tennis player. I'm starting to have other priorities and tennis demands a lot of sacrifice. ” Priorities that are summarized, basically, in being with your family, your loved ones. A premature goodbye for an elite tennis player but not for her, who has set herself the goal of finishing next year in the top-10, winning some more tournament (won Oeiras 2015 and Doha 2016) and arriving at the Tokyo Olympics. After the press conference, he attends EL PAÍS without looking at the clock, with a slow but direct speech, always with the smile ahead.

Question. Have you ever cried since you made the decision to leave tennis at the end of next year?

Answer. No, I have not. Yes, I leave behind a life with which I have been 15 years and it will change me completely. But I have other priorities and my heart asks me to be with my family because time does not recover.

P. But is tennis passionate or are you more like Agassi, who hated tennis?

R. I like tennis. But I am not passionate. That's why I can leave it now too. People who feel passion are squeezed much more. I am not so. I am good, I enjoy it and I am happy, but I want to put an end point and start another stage. I just want to enjoy everything I couldn't.

P. Has your desire to be a mother influenced the decision?

R. No, it is not a priority and it is not the reason. I have it in mind, I am a woman. But nothing else.

P. Are you tired of the injuries?

R. No no. Injuries have always been part of my career. Some got longer than I would like, but it is not the reason I stopped playing tennis.

P. But he has played time with pain, right?

R. Yes. With back and shoulder injuries, which did not allow me to get well. But while you control the pain, 90% of the players are able to play.

P. He will be looking forward to US Open (The tournament sanctioned him for retiring in the first round and considering that he did not try too hard)

R. Yes Yes. Well, they are things that happen. Although we appealed and served. They told me that they had to hold on to the rule, but they gave me the option to recover some of the money during this 2020.

P. As?

R. I can not say it.

P. What is the best and worst thing that tennis has given you?

R. The best, the satisfaction of a job well done. The worst, the suffering of loneliness.

P. But he has a technician, a physical trainer, a physio …

R. Yes Yes. But they also feel lonely. We spend many hours in airports, airplanes, we have free afternoons, dead hours … When you have a problem, we talk to each other, but let's not fool ourselves: my coach wants to be with his wife and children; the physio with his partner; me with mine …

P. Does it leave a bitter taste not having gone from rooms in a large?

R. I am proud of my career. Tennis is overcoming difficult and it would be silly to retire with a bad taste in my mouth. Of course I would like to overcome the rooms, but I value everything I have done because I have always given everything. Honestly, I don't think so. I have made seven quarters, but many times I have lost before.

P. He lacks, however, to reach them in Wimbledon

R. It is that grass is what costs me the most. There are two weeks to adapt to the surface, everything goes very fast and the punching machines are rewarded. That would not be my case …

P. But there are few players who receive so many compliments for their backhand, right?

R. When I have told people that it will be my last year, they tell me that they will no longer see my reverse. It is a style of its own. But Messi said in his sixth Golden Ball I would have preferred some less in exchange for some Champions or title with Argentina. And it is that; An athlete what he wants are titles. But I keep my way of playing has hooked people.

P. Have you missed centimeters (measures 1.62 meters) and bad milk?

R. Each tennis player has his weapons. It is true that there are few short and I do not see that one is able to reign in the circuit for a long time, although scares do. Bad milk is my pending subject and always will be. Off the track I am not like that. It costs me to transform me. I have trouble getting it out. But I am very competitive, even if it is only in tennis. Off the track, nothing at all.

Mini test

"I'm keeping my tennis hooked people"

P. What friend forever leaves tennis?

R. Anabel Medina

P. What game of your career do you keep?

R. With which I played against Amélie Mauresmo in the second round of Roland Garros in 2008, on the central court.

P. The worst game?

R. Before Serena Williams at the 2017 US Open. It was on the central court, on my birthday and we played at seven in the afternoon. I lost 6-0 and 6-0.

P. What rival could not?

R. With Serena.

P. The best rival ever found?

R. Serena too.

P. What is the tournament you like to play the most?

R. The one in Madrid and the Open Australia.

P. What will you miss?

R. The affection of the people or who have been hooked with my reverse.

P. Which tournament is best for you?

R. To me, Madrid.

P. What is the best costume of the circuit?

R. Roland Garros's.

P. And the best clue?

R. The Philippe Chatrier of Roland Garros.

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