Carina Mejías unsubscribes from Cs criticizing the "inconsistency" of the agreement reached with the Government

Mejías, who joined the Cs in 2012, was a deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia between 2012 and 2015, becoming a councilor at the Barcelona City Council between 2015 and 2019. There she became a spokesperson for the formation until Albert Rivera announced a agreement with Manuel Valls so that in the following elections he was the candidate. Previously, she had been a deputy in the Parliament itself with the PP between 1999 and 2003 and from 2006 to 2010.

Mejías herself has pointed out that for a year, after ending her responsibility as president of the municipal group of Citizens and her departure from the previous executive, decisions have been taken that she did not share and that have made her feel "increasingly removed from the party's political strategy. "

"My departure from Ciudadanos has been maturing for a long time. Decisions have been made that I did not share since my departure from the municipal group," he explained in an interview on esRadio, collected by Europa Press, in which he criticized the "inconsistency" of the agreement signed between Cs and the Government.


In this sense, it has charged against the agreement, in which it does not see that any type of conditions exist. "The PNV has demanded to stay with the management, Ciudadanos has demanded weekly meetings, to untie the ERTES and to make a project of misconduct more suitable for the Spanish", he pointed out.

"It was a time to present themselves as the alternative, with a different plan from that presented by the Government and which would resolve the situation of the Spanish, which is going to lead us to an economic crisis that is going to put many families at risk. It was the time to be an alternative and not the lifeguard, "he assured.

In this sense, Mejías recalled that with former president of Cs Albert Rivera the training acted in an "alternative" way and trying to be "proactive". "Right now we are acting as the lifeguard of a government that does not deserve the slightest credit. To continue supporting these partners ... it was not the time," he lamented.

In this way, Mejías has made it clear that the "idea" with which the party was born in Catalonia "is no longer there." "And those of us who defend it do well to leave," he said, and then ensure that "those who remain" must build their own idea. "And we will see if the Spanish give their support," he added.


In this sense, the former leader has warned that "it would be a profound error" for Cs to condition the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid. "He could call elections and he is in a position to get a good result," he warned.

Asked if she will leave politics after leaving the party, Mejías has acknowledged that her "political concerns" make it "difficult" to get away from politics, although she explained that she will now focus on her work as a lawyer.

So far, his last experience in the front line goes back to 2019, when he was presented to the April general elections on the list by Barcelona, ​​although he was finally left without a seat due to the party's electoral results.


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