Cargnello receives support while feminism calls for a march for the nuns

Cargnello receives support while feminism calls for a march for the nuns

The crack in the Catholic Church intensified for days when it became knownto the denunciation of the cloister nuns towards Monsignor Antonio Cargnello and two other ecclesiastical authorities for gender violence.

The support for both sides did not wait. Next Tuesday, May 3, the day that priests must attend Justice, feminist organizations called for a symbolic hug at the San Bernardo Convent.

An event that sparked this initiative was the demonstration that took place last weekend in support of Cargnello and the other two priests. Since many considered this fact as an intimidating act for the cloistered nuns.

Juan Vico, a layman from Salta, attended the march in support of the priests and expresses his discomfort at this situation:

“This is clearly an attempt to destabilize the church and Catholic values. Now with this feminism that is more than a trap to be able to weaken society at this time. This is feminist propaganda that wants to kick out good institutions.”

One of the most important supports was announced on Wednesday, April 27, in which the Archbishopric states: “The Presbytery of Salta wishes, hereby, to express its support and adherence to our Archbishop, in these painful moments that he is going through. We commit our prayer and that of our communities for his person and the restoration of damaged unity.”

“Intimidating action for victims”

From the Gender Legal Institute of Salta they rejected the march in which followers of Cargnello demonstrated at the Convent last weekend and considered it "intimidating" towards the complainants.


Posted by Salta Gender Legal Institute on Monday, April 25, 2022

Gloria Cruz, from the Gender Legal Institute in dialogue with elDiarioAR explains: “May 3 is symbolic, it is the day that Cargnello is summoned by Justice, we understand that there is a complaint of gender violence. Our paradigm, always, is to believe the complainants. We are talking about the subjugation of women's rights and it has to happen in the legal field, her story is credible. And she adds: “We know that violence runs through society as a whole. We know that women in the church are invisible and it is not strange that they reproduce in this bosom.

Cruz also reflects: “We know how difficult the process is and that it is a long-standing fact. How much must they have endured to make the complaint?

The groups that accompany the symbolic hug to the Convent are different: Victoria Liendro, transsexual activist for LGBTQI rights tells elDiarioAr:

“In feminism we always say #YotecreoHermana that is our basic premise. The first thing we have to do is believe when someone comments that they are experiencing a situation of violence. That is why in my case and that of many colleagues, we accompany this complaint, it is a process that is accompanied. I am not interested in the dispute over power, like any victim of gender violence I am going to accompany these religious women”.

Up to now, they have called for a hug: Fomupio, Panambi, Trasad (all gender organizations) Multisectorial de Mujeres de Salta, Fundación Type, Lawyers of the Gender Legal Institute; Resilience Foundation; Gender and Barter; La Cámpora Women's Front and Gender Equality; Tide Popular Feminism; We are Barrios de Pie; Organization of Indigenous Women of Good Living and Ayninakuy. From the organization they assure that they trust in having a wide turnout.

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