Cardinal Pell guilty of sexual abuse of two minors

Austrian Cardinal George Pell, head of the Secretariat for the Economy of the Holy See, was found guilty of sexual abuse of two children by a court in Melbourne, religious media reported on the Internet.

National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine inform in their webs of this condemnation, that was unanimous on the part of the twelve members of the jury, against Pell, of 77 years, although the concrete pain will not be known until February.

Since last August the Australian cardinal faced this process for alleged sexual crimes against minors in a case whose details can not be revealed by court order.

What has transpired is that Pell pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him, but his arguments did not convince the jury, which deliberated for three days.

One of the two children affected has died and the other testified before the court by videoconference, without giving the name of either.

Cardinal Pell, considered the "number three" of the Vatican, is the first high official of the Roman curia charged in alleged crimes of pedophilia.


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