Cardinal Osoro asks "public forgiveness" for the abuses committed by members of the Church in Spain

"I apologize, publicly, for the abuses (...). The victims are sacred." Rotundo, without relying on other institutions, the Cardinal of Madrid, Carlos Osoro, has asked forgiveness for the sexual abuse committed by members of the Spanish Church in the program 'El Target' of La Sexta.

The Spanish Church finally gives figures of abuse and admits 220 cases of pedophile priests in the last twenty years

The Spanish Church finally gives figures of abuse and admits 220 cases of pedophile priests in the last twenty years

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"It is serious, it is dramatic," claimed Osoro, who has encouraged the victims to go to Repair, the body created by the diocese to care for survivors. "The key is to worry about the victims, we must listen to them. It is terrible not to listen to the victims," ​​he said.

Clerical pedophilia "is a pain for the Church and for those who suffer from it. The victims are sacred." "My concern is not to know if there are two, five or 90,000, it is not the figure, it is the person, who has been the victim of abuse by someone who has some responsibility in the Church," he said.

On the Government of PSOE-Unidas Podemos: "It does not cause me discomfort"

The prelate has pointed out that the Government with PSOE and United We Can not worry because "they fall within the rules that we Spaniards have set ourselves", and has assumed the term 'dare ' that Ana Pastor, presenter of the program, raised him. "I express myself as I am, I prefer dialogue, meeting, good things always come from both. Disagreements are always bad. Meeting and dialogue mark direction."

"It does not make me feel uncomfortable. We have had different governments, with different parties, and at this moment there are two allied parties ... I am speaking with people from the Government right now, yes, but not with the party. I speak the same with some as with others. In Madrid there is a PP government in the town hall and in the community, I talk to everyone, "he said.

An Osoro who clearly defends Pope Francis. "The Pope is the successor of Peter (...), he has realized that we are in a new era, in which we have to assume that we have to go out on mission, it cannot be taken for granted that everything is evangelized," he said. stressed, lamenting that "there are some Christians who do not realize that, by qualifying the Pope, they are spoiling their own identity. A Catholic cannot be understood without the successor of Peter."

"The Pope is doing what he has to do," he stressed. Faced with criticism, the data. "Eleven million people are in a situation of exclusion. How is the Pope not going to talk about those things?", Highlighted the vice president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, who recognized that "with Pope Francis I have a unique and special harmony, and that motivates me to keep working. If any Christian is not motivated to be united to the successor of Peter, let him see it. "

Is homosexuality a disease? "No, of course, it is not a disease," stressed Osoro, insisting that "all men are children of God. If we do not believe it, we are praying the Our Father wrong."

On abortion, the Cardinal of Madrid has stressed that "life cannot be eliminated, I am against abortion", and has stressed that "what cannot be done is that no one in Spain shouts when there was last year 90,000 abortions ". Of course:" you have to see the situations that each person lives, I have the obligation to approach them (...). I defend and work so that everyone can live. "

According to data from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Rome has received - and has opened a file - 220 cases of abuse by Spanish clergymen in the last two decades. Of these, 144 belong to the diocesan clergy (of which 101 have been resolved), and 76 belong to the clergy belonging to religious life (resolved 50). The rest, "are still open."


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