Cardinal Cañizares’s greeting dedicated to the Government: “Christmas is stolen from us”

The archbishop of València, Antonio Cañizares, has not wasted the Christmas greeting letter to the faithful to re-charge against the Government. He has not hesitated to criticize the Celaá Education Law, ERE management and euthanasia law and he has even pointed out that these policies “steal” Christmas from us.

The cardinal called on the faithful “not to steal Christmas from us, as some and some cultural, secularizing and ideological trends are trying.” And he warned: “They steal it from us when they yield to the criteria of the enemy world and pass laws that attempt to regulate a non-existent right such as euthanasia; and they steal it from us when they spread a hedonistic culture in which there is no room for pain or value of suffering; and they steal it from us when they pretend a teaching that does not educate in the high value and dignity of every person, and there is no Christmas where fear and fear and lack of freedom are instilled “.

The Euthanasia Law has been the one that Cañizares has had the most impact on, ensuring that the deputies have “forgotten” palliative care and that they have done it “intentionally, but with a very serious error and omission” because “they have not wanted to know anything about they and the weak, the sick, the terminal, those who cry out in pain and are extremely vulnerable hinder them. ”

However, the archbishop has asked them “to repent and return to God” because “God wants the man who suffers, not like the perverse applause of those who voted ‘yes’ in the Congress of Deputies to the wicked law, perverse and cruel in favor of death “.

Cañizares has also wanted to stoke the Government on behalf of those affected by temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) due to the coronavirus. Thus, he has asked “justice for the unemployed, who suffered the ERTE and have not paid them yet, and in their house there is hunger and darkness, and sadness, for taking away their work, which is indeed a right, -the right to decent and sustainable work – and not euthanasia. ” “This is the most contrary to Christmas and to humanity itself; where are the feelings of compassion? In the salaries for those who govern and are comfortably in their seats in Congress?”, He added.


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