Cardinal Cañizares appeals to follow the legacy of concord of Adolfo Suárez

Cardinal Cañizares appeals to follow the legacy of concord of Adolfo Suárez

The cardinal archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, today appealed to "follow the legacy" of "concord" that characterized the former president of the Government Adolfo Suárez, because behind there is a design of a Spain that is possible, "new, united and capable of be understood".

Cañizares has made these demonstrations during his speech at the ceremony of investiture, posthumously, Adolfo Suárez, first president of Spanish democracy during the Transition, as doctor honoris causa by the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV), a title that has been picked up by his son Adolfo Suárez Illana.

The cardinal has also announced the creation of the Chair of Constitutional Law at the UCV, of which Suárez will be an honorary professor.

For his part, Adolfo Suárez Illana, a member of the board of the university, stressed from his father that "he lived with heroic detachment," and pointed out that the university helps "confront ideas and beliefs" but that does not mean "copy to great men. "

"You have to learn from them but you never need second parties," he added, although he does consider that they should serve as an example of the "ways" that characterized his father's work from "respect, concord and consideration of the opponent as someone who helps to build this country too. "

Suárez Illana has also warned that currently "the agreement between the Spanish is seriously threatened" and has considered that the political debate should be chaired by the "common objectives and not by personal demands", also in relation to the situation in Catalonia .

The event was attended by many personalities and politicians, including the representatives of the Generalitat Joan Lerma (PSPV) and Francisco Camps (PP).

Lerma has stressed, in statements to journalists, that the recognition of the UCV to the figure of Adolfo Suárez is also to the "40 years of the Constitution and Spanish democracy" and its importance for the "freedom and progress of Spain" .

For his part, Camps told the media that Suarez "could see in the agreement, bring together from the effort of all the political and social forces of the moment the Spain that he dreamed and we enjoy."


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