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The devotion aroused by the Mare de Déu dels Desemparats goes beyond religious boundaries. And there are many followers who, without being fervent Catholics or "Church" people, have a passion for the patron saint of Valencia. Yesterday, one and the other, both those who declare themselves religious and those who only go through the temple to pray to the Geperudeta (or talk to her) were clear that they were not going to see her, that this would only be possible through the screen since the Archbishopric of Valencia he had made it very clear. Mass without the faithful, a year without the traditional transfer that brings together thousands of people and without the procession, with online acts and fervor from the balconies and windows decked out for the occasion. That was the plan. But yesterday it went to waste.

And it is that after finishing the mass behind closed doors, those responsible for the Basilica took out the pilgrim image of the Mare de Déu dels Desemparats at the door of the temple. And so, without stepping on the street, the Geperudeta showed herself to an audience that was prowling around the plaza and thanked the moment since it was only a few minutes where the devotees sang the hymn and threw her "salves". And again inside. That door closed, but the one next door opened.

It was 11 o'clock and the temple could open since the decree of the state of alarm does allow to open the centers for prayer, a few hours a day, complying with strict security measures. And the faithful, who had already got used to the idea of ​​not being able to see the Virgin, changed their minds at the possibility of being able to do so. The word spread like wildfire and at 12 o'clock, Levante-EMV was able to verify a bustle of people going in and out from the Basilica. There were people with a mask and also without it. The same with gloves and with the safety distance. Of course, a priest "reminded" the faithful that they should enter with a mask, although it did not impede their passage.

Local Police patrols destined for the Plaza de la Virgin They checked the transfer of faithful entering and leaving the center and notified the National Police Corps, which sent a patrol to the scene. The agents made no intervention to understand that it had already been done by the local police and left the temple while the faithful showed their fervor to the cry of "Visca la Mare de Déu" as they passed.

Some devotees they were surprised by the visit of the agents. «We did not know that the Virgin could be visited today and as soon as we found out we have come. We do no harm to anyone, she is the patron saint and it is exciting to see her in her day. We always come to the uncovered mass and to the transfer, "explains Pilar García.

Beside him, another family was organized for later. "Now there is Many people, we approached this afternoon with my niece and so we introduce her to the baby and then have a snack, "they proposed. And it is that the temple, as marked by the prayer schedule, closed at 1:00 p.m. and reopened from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with a similar transfer since many took advantage of that time to visit the patron saint.

Local Police Report

The Local Police of Valencia is already preparing a report that will be presented to the Government Delegation, which is the one who will study whether or not to sanction the Basilica or the Archbishopric for failing to comply with article 12 of the state of alarm decree, which is what regulates how it should to open the temples for prayer and what measures must be followed in phase 0.

The councilor for Citizen Protection, Aaron Cano, yesterday he described the archbishopric as "irresponsible" because "he should not call the crowds and the spectacle is regrettable. It has been a lack of responsibility because the Church is not above the rest.


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