January 28, 2021

Cardinal Aguiar asks to strengthen the social fabric against violence in Mexico

The archbishop primate of Mexico, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, vindicates, in an interview with Efe, to strengthen the social fabric to face the confrontations and violence that his country is experiencing and condemns that society continues to be sexist “and very aggressive against women “.

Aguiar, who has traveled to Barcelona to participate in a conference on the challenges of the Church, points out that “the Catholic Church has to take advantage of the relevance it has in Mexican society to help create new consensus”, in a country convulsed these days for the murder and torture of a seven-year-old girl in Mexico City.

The cardinal demands changes in the Church to be able to exercise that role, since “until now the Church remained linked to social fractures now fractured,” for which he has claimed, along the same lines as Pope Francis, “to change the rhythms of the Church and meet the needs of people. “

In that sense, Aguiar, who was president of the Latin American Episcopal Conference between 2011 and 2015, values ​​the work of Pope Francis, who says he “is putting the seed” to carry out that change, which “will take a long time and therefore it is logical and natural to generate resistance. “

An example of these changes is the synod of the Amazon, in which the Church positioned itself “to be an active agent in the care of the common house, of which the Amazon is the main reserve,” says Aguiar, who attended Efe in the Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona.

In that synod the Pope was raised the possibility of ordering married men as priests in the face of their scarcity, a possibility to which the Pontiff has not responded because, according to the Mexican prelate, “it is not a nerve issue in the life of the church, but marginal. The central problem of the synod was the care of the planet. “

Monsignor Aguiar affirms that the lack of vocation that opened the possibility of ordering married men “is a situation that occurs worldwide with different intensity, with the exception of some countries with new Churches such as Vietnam or Korea”, so “the answer to the problem could not be just for one region. “

Another of the changes that some sectors of the Church demand is to introduce the feminine priesthood, something that for Cardinal Aguiar “is not the substantial problem”.

“Culture is still macho and very aggressive against women in many societies and that cannot be,” says Aguiar, adding that “we must focus on working for equity between men and women without going to the complementary, as if he can be a priest or not. “

Aguiar recognizes that the female priesthood “is not a closed issue, but to dedicate to it is to dedicate yourself to the peripheral and waste the opportunity to devote yourself to the central and basic.”

More than half of the Mexican states recognize same-sex marriage, a figure that illustrates the change in values ​​of the Mexican society that Aguiar talks about and which his Church has to face.

“The Church has a clear doctrine, but it is not a time for condemnation, but to understand and accept the choices that each one takes,” the cardinal defends in the face of homosexuality.

The primate archbishop of Mexico asks to focus attention on seeing “if there are social conditions in which that decision of the human being is respected” and remember that the Church “must be open to all, Catholics or not, to understand and support in the needs of each person. “

Given the cases of sexual abuse that have splashed the Church, Aguiar values ​​the protocol coordinated with the Holy See of “immediate attention, monitoring, verification and collaboration with the institutions”.

“Now the victims are treated to morally repair and heal wounds as much as possible and those who commit abuse are placed at the disposal of justice and cease to exercise ministry in the Church,” he concludes.

Toni Count


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