March 8, 2021

Carcedo trusts that there is a new Government to normalize institutional life

The Minister of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has trusted on Wednesday that there is "a new government and can start the legislature to process budgets and enter institutional life in the normal phase."

He has indicated this in statements to journalists in Salamanca, where he has visited the State Reference Center for Care for People with Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias, and the Cancer Research Center.

Carcedo has attributed to the budgets extended with which the Government is working in functions that have not been able to "contribute with greater strength in the elimination of that famous limbo of dependence, where there is a stock market around 250,000 people who have been qualified but who have not received the corresponding help. "

"It is very important to advance in dependency financing," said the minister, who has recognized the "effort" of the autonomous communities on "their budgets to move forward in the calendar provided for in the law of attention to the different levels and degrees of dependence ".

Carcedo has remarked that the Government of Spain can only move forward to the extent that the extended budgets allow, but has hoped that "finally the legislature can" normalize "to start and address" the problems that Spanish society has.

Among them, he has mentioned a greater endowment for the investigation and has highlighted three hundred million euros more established in the accounts of the socialist Executive of Pedro Sánchez who finally did not see the light.

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