Carcedo says the overwhelming majority of society demands regular euthanasia

Carcedo says the overwhelming majority of society demands regular euthanasia

The Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, Maria Luisa Carcedo, said today that the "overwhelming majority" of society requires regular euthanasia, something that, he said, the Government is "firmly" determined to do.

The minister has pronounced in this way during the session of control to the Government in the Senate, in which the socialist senator Laura Berja has asked him if he thinks that a law on euthanasia is necessary.

Carcedo affirmed that the Executive has the obligation to be "understanding, compassionate and empathetic" with people suffering from incurable diseases, which cause them suffering "incompatible with their personal dignity".

As noted, the Executive also has the obligation to know the majority opinion of the public after what has been highlighted that surveys in this regard show a "clamor" and an "overwhelming majority" that demands regulation.

Moreover, he said, people who suffer from these diseases and people around them, who come to organizations and associations to try to solve their situation and are "helpless" that they can not help.

He also stressed that the National Health System "must be able to give a medically safe response."

Therefore, the minister has asked the support of the groups to the proposal of socialist law that is in parliamentary procedure to regulate euthanasia and that aims to "give answers" to this demand with the "maximum medical, legal and constitutional guarantees."

"It is therefore that this initiative should be launched from the decision that corresponds to the person affected with their values, their ideology, their beliefs and not the people who serve them beyond the regulation of the conscientious objection, nor of course of outsiders, "said Carcedo, who has alluded to the patient's autonomy law.

Therefore, the head of Health has continued, the Government "is firmly" determined to regulate this new right, the "of the people who autonomously, correctly informed, and being aware of" their values, their ideology and their beliefs. who make the decision. "

The Socialist senator, for her part, has criticized the PP and its leader, Pablo Casado, for considering that there is no need to regulate euthanasia.


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