Carcedo notes that planning has been lacking to avoid shortages of doctors

Carcedo notes that planning has been lacking to avoid shortages of doctors

The Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, acknowledged today that the shortage of doctors and specialists suffering from some hospitals is due to "the lack of analysis and planning" in the long term that had to have taken place in the national health system.

Carcedo participated this morning in the departure of the sixth edition of the Road against Cancer of Soria, organized by the Soriaan delegation of the AECC and that has been seconded by more than nine thousand citizens.

"We have arrived at this situation due to a lack of analysis and long-term planning of the human resources needs of our national health system," he has highlighted questions from journalists.

The Minister of Health explained that the lack of medical professionals is a problem that can not be resolved "from one day to another", but it takes years and it was necessary to have put measures "foreseeing that this could happen".

"In addition to the lack of human resources, the cuts that were perpetrated on the national health system obviously have their consequences," he acknowledged.

Carcedo has pointed out that the structural problems of human resources need many years of training for doctors, so he has asked to pose the problem "with this perspective".

He also assured that the Government has increased this year by 4.7 percent the places of training of specialists, mainly doctors and especially family medicine, "one of the deficiencies that are very evident in rural areas."

He also stressed that the AECC always succeeds in the destination of funds and manages to unite many wills to fight cancer.

"Research is the main element in which we have to continue deepening to better understand how diseases behave, what are the mechanisms that trigger the disease and how we can treat it in the best way," he said.


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