Carcedo criticizes the blockade of the right to approve a new spending ceiling

Carcedo criticizes the blockade of the right to approve a new spending ceiling

The Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, today criticized the "blockade that, in a way that could be said fraudulently, the right (PP and Citizens) in the Congress of Deputies, not allowing a new ceiling of spending is approved "

In statements to journalists in Langreo, Carcedo has indicated that the approval of a new ceiling of expenditure would mean a surplus of about 6,000 million euros.

In this sense, has indicated that the intention of the central executive is to give 2,500 million of this item to the autonomous communities to implement social policies.

"The rights are committed not to speak of the needs of the population and all their efforts are destined to clashes between Spaniards, with thick words and disqualifications to the attempts to politically solve an issue so important for the country with a lack of civic patriotism very important, "he has asserted.

In relation to the Unit, he said that the intention of the Government is to increase by 530 million euros the money allocated by the State Administration to eliminate the waiting list of people who have recognized the right but does not have the contribution.

Carcedo has affirmed that it is necessary to end the "imbalance" in the contribution that the State allocates to the dependency, as in the case of Asturias, where the Principality takes charge of 87 percent of the expenditure.

In relation to the Center of Neurological Diseases of Barros, in Langreo, the minister has announced that throughout the month of January will define the management team that "is going to be in charge of piloting everything that it requires to start up" of this equipment that began to be built in 2009, under the name of Stephen Hawking, and that already has an expense of more than thirteen million euros by the State.

Finally, he indicated that the management team will be responsible for hiring specific staff, about 55 health professionals, as well as the competitions for cleaning and maintenance of the center.


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